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3rd Coast; from left to right: JC, So Fly, Kwon Sung Min.
Kwon Sung Min.
So Fly.

3rd Coast (써드코스트), are a Korean R&B, Soul, Hip-hop, House and Jazz act consisting of members Kwon Sung Min (권성민) as the producer and composer, So fly (Han So Hyun, 한소현) as lead female vocal, and JC (Choi Ji Ho, 최지호) as male MC. They have been with the DJMAX franchise from the start.

The meaning behind the name 3rd Coast can be traced to the rivalry between West Coast and East Coast style of African-American music. The name 3rd Coast means they're not inclined to either side; instead they'll explore the two sides and even try something new beyond that scope.

3rd Coast's musical style is often comparable to Clazziquai Project; due to their member lineup as well as the approach and flexibility in their music. The two bands finally met each other with the release of DJMAX Portable Clazziquai Edition.

Aside from their own 3rd Coast songs, JC and So fly frequently also lend their talents to various other DJMAX composers, and are arguably the heart and soul of the franchise.

3rd Coast have released the following music albums:


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