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AI TechnikaEyecatch.jpg
First Appearance DJMAX Online
Composer(s) Forte Escape
Arranger(s) Forte Escape
Vocal(s) N/A
Lyrics N/A
Visualization KIMYS
Genre Techno
BPM 138
Length 2:23
YouTube-play-button.png Youtube BGA

A.I is a song composed by Forte Escape It first appeared in DJMAX Online.

Song Description

  • Portable 2 - A.I is addictive techno music with fantastic electric instruments. And the music video is produced by Kimys who make a brilliant work.
  • Technika 2 - Forte Escape's music meets Kinys' video work to radiate the dreamlike atmoshpere! You can figure out what A.I. means as you watch its music video.

Song Analysis

As a techno song, Forte Escape did well by implementing an array of electronic sounds. He also implemented an unique touch by creating a progressive feel for the song, slowly building the pace and rhythm, then tuned it down gradually near the end. He also give a piano lead which makes it really stands out.

In DJMAX Online, A.I.'s Super Crazy (SC) chart for 7-key has the highest notecount of all charts. It also coincides with the year Forte Escape composed that song (2005).

Background Animation

KIMYS went with squares as the concept of the BGA. A bunch of 3D-animated cubes are seen flying around in patterns. The camera pans gradually to reveal more depth and dimension of the cube cluster. The screen sometimes splits into segments, with one of them consists of scrolling texts that reads "Artificial Integrity."

Game Appearances

(All songs included in Technika are also in Technika 2 unless stated otherwise)

Soundtrack Appearances


  • The song was shortened to an 1:45 arcade length for DJMAX Technika.


  • Even if KIMYS changed his name from KINYS, he is still credited as such in the Technika eyecatch.


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