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The AIR mode lobby.

AIR Mode is one of the brand new modes made for DJMAX RESPECT V. In it, players are able to freely play songs from among the different tracks available in the game. Aside from this, players are also able to autoplay a song, meaning the game will play a song for you, and chat with users who are also playing the same song.


There are 3 different "stages" available for the player to choose from. By default, each stage has a default difficulty range that the songs are set at, although the player is able to adjust that difficulty range freely in the AIR Mode menu and in between songs. The stages, as well as their difficulty ranges, are as follows:

  • Beginner Stage - 1 to 5
  • Standard Stage - 6 to 10
  • Master Stage - 11 to 15

Unlike RESPECT's arcade mode, the number of songs a player may play in AIR Mode is unlimited; a player may play as many songs as they please. Aside from this, players may also play songs from DLC packs they do not own, but this is highly dependent on AIR Mode's song rotation.


AIR mode gameplay.

The AIR Mode menu is where the player gets to choose their play mode and the equipment. Selecting any one of the stages above will start gameplay of the song currently playing for that mode, which is indicated in AIR Mode's menu.

AIR Mode gameplay follows the usual DJMAX gameplay. What makes AIR Mode's gameplay different from the other modes is the Autoplay feature mentioned above; by default, this is on upon startup, but the player may choose to turn it off before, during, and in between songs. AIR Mode also includes a real-time chat feature and the ability to send out hearts. While this does not have any effect on gameplay, doing each a certain number of times will unlock particular achievements on Steam. Chatting at any time will automatically turn on Autoplay, but sending out hearts does not.

Playing AIR Mode a certain number of times will eventually unlock the OBLIVION-themed Note and Gear skins, although an update required that the player manually play a certain number of songs. Thus, using Autoplay will not count towards the play count to unlock said skins.

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