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bless4, or AKINO with bless4, depending on who's singing.

AKINO with bless4 is one of some names often associated with the Japanese-American vocal group bless4. The group consists of four brothers and sisters, Kawamitsu Akashi, Kanasa, Akino, and Aiki. The group is known for their harmonized powerful voices.

All of the bless4 members, except Akashi, are American-born. They originally came from Utah but shortly moved to Arizona. For a time, the Kawamitsu siblings and their family become a taekwondo exhibition troupe called "Flying Dragons."

In 1997, the family moved back to Japan and stayed at Okinawa. The reason is that the father Kawamitsu Haru felt a spiritual longing for his Okinawan heritage. It's at this time that the Kawamitsu siblings found their interest in music, and debuted their first song, "Good Morning! Mr. Sunshine" with BMG Japan in 2003.

Nowadays, bless4 resides in Kawasaki in Kanagawa prefecture and opened their own music company, Kawamitsu Arttainment. Akashi acts as the president. They also have their own record label, Kawamitsu Records.

Out of the four siblings, Akino is probably the most famous. She started her solo debut in 2005, singing two theme songs for Genesis of Aquarion anime, "Genesis of Aquarion" and "Go Tight!" Since then she has participated in various anime productions, such as Oban Star Racer, Kantai Collection, and Amagi Brilliant Park, among many others.

Depending on who is participating, the group's credited name is different. If only Akino participating, she is credited as AKINO from bless4 (or rarely just simply AKINO). If Akino sings the lead part while her siblings fill in the backing vocal, then they're credited as AKINO with bless4. If everyone is participating as a complete group, then the bless4 name is used.

Kawamitsu Akino.

AKINO with bless4, or AKINO from bless4, have released the following singles and albums.


  • Genesis of Aquarion (2005)
  • Go Tight! (2005)
  • Genesis of Aquarion & Go Tight! (2011, re-release of previous singles)
  • Kimi no Shinwa ~ Aquarion Dai 2 Shou (2012)
  • Extra Magic Hour (2014)
  • Jet Coaster Ride (2014)
  • Miiro (2015)
  • Golden Life (2016)
  • Cross the Line (2016)


  • Lost in Time (2007)
  • Decennia (2015)

Meanwhile, the bless4 as a complete group have released the following singles and albums.


  • Good Morning! Mr.Sunshine (2003)
  • Hashire! Kiseki (2003)
  • Gajumaru no Shita de (2004)
  • 123 (2005)
  • Kizuna no Hana (2007)
  • Stitch Is Coming / Hitorijanai (2009)
  • Dandelion (2010)
  • Sunshine Dancer (2012)


  • ALL 4 ONE (2005)
  • Yume Tsumugi (2011)


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