A Lie

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Song Stub

DJMAX Portable 2's first wallpaper of A Lie.

Song Information

  • Composer: Makou
  • Genre: Rythme and Blues
  • Visualization: Ache
  • Vocals: Lin
  • BPM:
  • Length:


Game Appearances

Soundtrack Appearances


Portable 2 OST Liner Notes
Feat. By Lin

You and I live in our dream we knew the dream never come ture.
Even if doesn't mean anything i don't want to keep doing like this.
It's so painful.

I wish the time will be disappear, I wish morning won't come over ever again.
Here, I'm not real I am, Here, You're not real you are.

In memory, there is only You and I as you can see.
Here, there is nothing between you and I.

The promise will never keep, I knew the promise is a lie.

but I wish it can be true someday,
the promise is as evanescent as melting snow.
Don't want to run a way I would be drwoned in you,
even I don't understand your heart,
I want to take it deep inside to me.... deep inside me....

You and I lose hope again, the hope became a lie.
throw My heart into despair I trying to feel your love.
but you are not here anymore.

You are in memory but not my side any more.
In memory, you are with me. Now you are with somebody else here.

In memory, there is only you and I as you can see.
Now you are with somebody else here.

The promise will never keep, I knew the promise is a lie.

but I'll wait till it can be true someday.
It is sad as much as shining snow.
Your promise, it would take me live with rest of my life.
My heart break all over again.
I want to stay in memory of you but I can't reach you.... I can't reach you....

(What am I suppose to do without you.... I can't erase the time we spent together....)

I want to love you forever!

Song Description

Portable 2: A Genius composer makou wrote the best R&B music. Let's listen to the symbolic lyrics, the beautiful minor scale melody and the unique voice.


  • DJMAX Ray listed the song genre as "Nu R&B" instead of simply R&B.
  • There was a suspicion amongst fans that A Lie's BGA was copied from the video clip of Mondo Grosso and BoA's song Everything Needs Love. The concept for both revolves around blocks of text superimposed over stock photographs of nature and urban areas.


Portable 2 Wallpapers

Youtube BGA - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SC2CNsYP8bE