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Ache's Logo that appeared in Smoky Quartz. Unfortunately this logo was stolen from manga DOGS.

Ache is a visual artist working for some rhythm games such as DJMAX and EZ2DJ. He is brothers with another DJMAX's visual artist D. While D's works has a lot of emphasis on illustration, Ache is most well-versed in visual animations, or visual remix in DJMAX terms.

Unlike his brother D who's respected as an artist, Ache's works unfortunately are often reeks of plagiarism. Some accusations ranges from imitating animation and visual style, to outright stealing graphical elements and overall concept. This problem presented very clearly on DJMAX Portable 2, where all of his BGA works contains infringing and questionable materials.

  • A Lie is suspected of copying the concept of Mondo Grosso and BoA's music video Everything Needs Love.
  • lost n' found blatantly rips off the concept from Takashi Murakami and Louis Vuitton's Superflat Monogram anime. In Ache's defense, he said that the BGA was a homage to the anime.
  • Smoky Quartz and Syriana contains Ache's "personal logo" which was actually stolen from the logo of DOGS manga by respected Japanese artist Shirow Miwa. On his blog, Shirow Miwa wrote that he is unaware of the logo use and notified that DJMAX has no association whatsoever with him or DOGS manga. Future appearances of Syriana from DJMAX games omits the DOGS logo.

Since DJMAX Portable 2, Ache has yet to create another BGA for DJMAX and can be presumed left Pentavision. Despite that, Ache's still working as a UI/UX designer for various video games. These works too also accused from plagiarising UI/UX from another video games. Case in point is Qurare: Magic Library, where he is accused from imitating UI elements from Persona 4.


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