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Alex Chu from Clazziquai Project.

Alex Chu (real name Chu Hun-gon 추헌곤; often known simply as Alex) is a Korean-Canadian singer and actor. He is most well known as the male vocalist of Clazziquai Project. Alex has a wide range of vocals which made him suited for various music genres.

His family immigrated to Canada and stayed until his adulthood. He came back to Korea and debuted with DJ Clazzi and Horan in Clazziquai Project. Although initially his sibling, Christina Chu was part of the group and had to left for work in Canada, she occasionally featured as a guest vocalist. Afterwards, the group's popularity skyrocketed, especially after they're featured in My Lovely Samsoon drama series.

Clazziquai Project announced a temporary hiatus in 2008, which led Alex to pursue personal projects. He appeared in the variety show We Got Married, coupled with actress and model Shin Ae. The two proved to be a fan favorite, that after Alex left the show after episode 8, he and Shin Ae returned in episode 13 before finally retiring in November 16, 2008.

Alex then debuted as an actor by starring in the drama series Pasta. Often times he sang the soundtrack for some drama series he starred and whatnot.

As a solo singer, Alex has released the following albums.

  • My Vintage Romance (2008)
  • Just Like Me (2011)


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