Ask to Wind (바람에게 부탁해) (Live Mix)

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DJMAX Trilogy's Image Collection for Ask to Wind (Live Mix).

Song Information


  • This is a playable "remix" of Ask to Wind, originally composed as the theme song of DJMAX Portable (but not playable, unlike Your Own Miracle, Flea and Get Down). Although the cut that accompanied Portable's intro movie was much shorter, a 3:54 'original length' version was on Portable OST.
  • The 2:25 playable cut first appeared on DJMAX Online and was included in DJMAX Trilogy. DJMAX Online had no BGA for the song, while DJMAX Trilogy used a watered-down framed bitmap adaptation of the BGA. (This was Trilogy's standard for BGA at the time)
  • At the same time as Trilogy's release, Black Square also included a 1:45 shorter cut of the song. This version had full motion BGA, as was typical of Metro Project songs. This short edit was also released on Technika 2.
  • A Japanese version of the song was released on Hot Tunes OST. This was the first time the Live Mix had a Japanese vocal dub on an official release. (Unfortunately) this version was a re-dub of the 2:25 game cut and not the original long version.
  • DJMAX Trilogy OST contains a minus-1 of the song. (3:54 length, following the original)

Game Appearances

Soundtrack Appearances


Song Description


  • Similar to how Ask to Wind itself iterated through a number of different translations, in the past this arrangement has also been called "Live Version", but recently been titled "(Live Mix)" across multiple games. (Technika 2 does still call it -Live version- though)


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Youtube MV - (DJMAX Portable OP)
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