Ask to Wind (바람에게 부탁해)

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Ask to Wind
(바람에게 부탁해)
Ask to Wind Technika2Eyecatch.jpg
First Appearance DJMAX Online
Composer(s) Forte Escape
Arranger(s) Forte Escape
Vocal(s) Miya
Lyrics Forte Escape
Visualization Tako Ashin
Genre R&B Fantasy
Fantasy Pop (Technika 2)
BPM 108
Length 1:46
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Ask to Wind (바람에게 부탁해) is a song by Forte Escape and sung by Miya. It is one of the first songs ever made for DJMAX games, and has become the mainstay on future games ever since.

Song Description

  • Clazziquai Edition - Main title song for DJMAX Portable. Soft melody with emotional lyrics is very touching. Vocal Miya started to do more vocals since this song.
  • Technika 2 - Fantasy pop music by Forte Escape. In this song, Miya's soft vocal on full background music of harmony between acoustic guitar and piano give a fantastic feeling.

Song Analysis

Ask to Wind is described as an R&B Fantasy song, or Fantasy Pop in Technika 2 which fits better with the music. It is a calm pop music with minimal beat. The centerpiece of the song is the guitar play which accentuates the fantasy feel of the song. Strings and synth elements further adds the mysterious and fantasy feel.

As a vocalist, Miya's soft vocal really fits the theme. Her whispery voice is perfect for any fantasy-themed songs.

Gameplay wise, Ask to Wind is one of the easiest song accessible for beginner. Despite that, Ask to Wind can still challenge more seasoned player with its more challenging charts.

Background Animation

Game Appearances

(All songs included in Technika are also in Technika 2 unless stated otherwise)

Soundtrack Appearances


  • A live band version of the song became the flagship/theme song of DJMAX Portable.
  • A Japanese version sung by Junjun was featured on some Japanese releases of DJMAX games.
  • DJMAX Portable 2's in-game OST mode Extend Disc has a 30-second mini-interlude featuring a mix of bits from both the original and live versions. ("Startingly" Version)
  • DJMAX Trilogy OST Track 2 appears to be a short instrumental homage to the song, according to the track name.
  • DJMAX Trilogy OST contains a minus-1 of the song.
  • DJMAX Trilogy OST contains an acapella of Miya's vocal performance of the song.


Trilogy OST Liner Notes

Original Romanized
얼마나 오랜 시간인지 한참을 바라보고 있어
저 파란 바다 넘어 내게 손짓 하는널
속삭이듯 얘기하는지 하얀 바람 내게 다가와
가슴속에 묻어둔 날 찾으라 하네
꿈꿔왔던 세상이 내게 한 걸음 다가 올 때
조금 더 가까이 손을 뻗어 보지만
흩어지는 바람결에 아쉬운 맘 전해 볼까
다시 한번만 더 날 데려가 줄 수 있니

take me to the dream
기다려 달라고 아직은 나 갈 곳이 남아있는데
fly me to the dream
날개를 달고서 저 하늘 넘어 별이 될 수 있도록

믿고 싶은데 아직 끝나지 않은 얘기
갈 수 있다면 바람의 끝까지

eolmana olaen sigan-inji hancham-eul balabogo iss-eo
jeo palan bada neom-eo naege sonjis haneunneol
sogsag-ideus yaegihaneunji hayan balam naege dagawa
gaseumsog-e mud-eodun nal chaj-eula hane
kkumkkwowassdeon sesang-i naege han geol-eum daga ol ttae
jogeum deo gakkai son-eul ppeod-eo bojiman
heut-eojineun balamgyeol-e aswiun mam jeonhae bolkka
dasi hanbeonman deo nal delyeoga jul su issni

take me to the dream
gidalyeo dallago ajig-eun na gal gos-i nam-aissneunde
fly me to the dream
nalgaeleul dalgoseo jeo haneul neom-eo byeol-i doel su issdolog

midgo sip-eunde ajig kkeutnaji anh-eun yaegi
gal su issdamyeon balam-ui kkeutkkaji


  • Going by DJMAX Online's internal numbering conventions, this was the first ever song in the entire DJMAX franchise.
  • The original Korean name of the song has been translated and retranslated numerous times, going through the iterations "Leave It Up to the Wind", "Whisper to the Wind", "Ask to the Wind", "Ask the Wind" before finally settling on "Ask to Wind" across multiple newer DJMAX Portable games.


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