Ask to Wind (바람에게 부탁해) (Live Mix)

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Ask to Wind (Live Mix)
바람에게 부탁해 (Live Mix)
Ask to Wind Live Technika2Eyecatch.jpg
First Appearance DJMAX Portable
Composer(s) Forte Escape
Arranger(s) Forte Escape
Vocal(s) Miya
Lyrics Forte Escape
Visualization NG
Eter (Online)
ShininG (Trilogy)
Z_B (Black Square)
Genre Live Pop
BPM 210
Length 2:25
YouTube-play-button.png Youtube BGA

Ask to Wind (Live Mix) is a song composed by Forte Escape and sung by Miya. It is the remix of the original Ask to Wind, and the theme song for DJMAX Portable game. Ask to Wind (Live Mix) was initially unplayable on DJMAX Portable, until it becomes playable in DJMAX Online, and reappeared again in DJMAX Portable Black Square.

It is arguably the first ever DJMAX song to receive a full motion video graphics.

Song Description

  • Trilogy - Live version of Asked to the breeze like the title of DJMAX. All the parts were played personally to carry on the live feeling. Gives more powerful than original song. Let's feel the sensation of DJMAX Live Miracle, again.

Song Analysis

Ask to Wind (Live Mix) shows the difference between a song in studio recording and when it's performed live. This remix eschews the fantasy pop aesthetics in favor of a pop rock song performed live with real instruments. Key elements of this remix includes a more bold synth and raunchy guitar riffs courtesy of Planetboom.

Miya's part didn't change much, or rather she didn't do any retake for her vocals since this is just a remix. Despite the change in song's mood and tone, Miya's voice could still keep up.

Ask to Wind (Live Mix) has the highest BPM of all playable songs, clocking at 210 BPM which is even higher that most Gabber songs produced by Hosoe Shinji. As such, this song generally has a higher difficulty level compared to the original Ask to Wind.

Background Animation

Game Appearances

Soundtrack Appearances


  • This is a playable "remix" of Ask to Wind, originally composed as the theme song of DJMAX Portable (but not playable, unlike Your Own Miracle, Flea and Get Down). Although the cut that accompanied Portable's intro movie was much shorter, a 3:54 'original length' version was on Portable OST.
  • The first playable version (2:25) appeared on DJMAX Online and was included in DJMAX Trilogy. DJMAX Online had no BGA for the song, while DJMAX Trilogy used a watered-down framed bitmap adaptation of the BGA. (This was Trilogy's standard for BGA at the time)
  • At the same time as Trilogy's release, Black Square also included a 1:45 shorter cut of the song. This version had full motion BGA, as was typical of Metro Project songs. This short edit was also released on Technika 2.
  • A Japanese version of the song was released on Hot Tunes OST. This was the first time the Live Mix had a Japanese vocal dub on an official release. (Unfortunately) this version was a re-dub of the 2:25 game cut and not the original long version.
  • DJMAX Trilogy OST contains a minus-1 of the song. (3:54 length, following the original)


Main article: Ask to Wind (바람에게 부탁해)#Lyrics


  • Similar to how Ask to Wind itself iterated through a number of different translations, in the past this arrangement has also been called "Live Version", but recently been titled "(Live Mix)" across multiple games. (Technika 2 International still calls it -Live version- though. The Korean version calls it 바람에게 부탁해 Live Mix)
  • L, the blonde main character and mascot to DJMAX Portable, would appear in glory day and BlackCat as a resurrected zombie, before eventually transformed into either El Clear or El Fail - the mascots of DJMAX RESPECT.


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