Astro Fight

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Astro Fight
TrI0083 Astro Fight 1.jpg
First Appearance DJMAX Online
Composer(s) Forte Escape
Arranger(s) Forte Escape
Vocal(s) N/A
Lyrics N/A
Visualization ECO
Genre Funky Stomp
BPM 183
Length 1:53
YouTube-play-button.png Youtube BGA

Astro Fight is a song composed by Forte Escape.

Song Description

Song Analysis

Astro Fight's genre is described as "Funky Stomp." Disregarding the unorthodox genre, Astro Fight is a fast-paced electro track with emphasis on stomping beats and the overall oriental feel.

The chart for the song itself is not that hard, but due to the high BPM, it is considered pretty challenging for seasoned players.

Background Animation

ECO employs his signature cartoon style, which feels very comical and endearing, but slightly borders a gross feel.

Astro Fight tells the story of a Bruce Lee-lookalike called Brother (íš˝). He first appears doing some absurd feats, such as avoiding falling rice sacks while doing pushups and running while avoiding rolling porcelain barrel. Through the middle of the BGA, a damsel in distress calls for help after she runs into some afro martial artists. Brother then came to the rescue by disabling all the afro martial artist. But in the process, Brother also attacks the damsel as well.

Astro Fight is one of the songs that received intensive censorship in DJMAX Portable i. Brother's outfit is changed into a blue shirt, pants, and white headband. The afro martial artists also changed into white men wearing ninja attire.

Game Appearances

Soundtrack Appearances

  • DJMAX Portable LR Tunes



  • Despite being named Astro Fight, it never mentions anything about space.
  • While Brother is an exact parody of Bruce Lee, the afro martial artists are said to parody Kareem Abdul Jabbar.
  • Other characters appeared on the eyecatches, such as a boxer and a karateka. They ended up not appearing at all in the actual BGA.


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