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First Appearance DJMAX RESPECT
Composer(s) BEXTER
Arranger(s) BEXTER
Vocal(s) Jeong Changhun
Lyrics JC
Visualization SHIHYUN
Genre Nu Funk
BPM 130
Length 2:02
YouTube-play-button.png Youtube BGA

BlackCat is a song composed by BEXTER and sung by Jeong Changhun and JC. It acts as the counterpart for the song glory day, also composed by BEXTER and Mycin.T

Song Description

Song Analysis

Although described as Nu Funk, BlackCat is more akin to Nu Metal which blends in heavy metal with other genres such as alternative, hip-hop, funk, industrial, and many others. The tone is generally darker than glory day, and emphasizes technicality aspect of the song. Mycin.T, which also made glory day with BEXTER, is featured as guitarist.

JC provided rap part like he usually do, while Jeong Changhun singing the chorus and verses. Changhun incorporates some screams on the vocal.

Background Animation

As a counterpart of glory day, BlackCat's BGA only differs slightly from it. The general story, theme, and aesthetics is roughly the same, where the main character Play visited Game Graveyard and prayed in front of L's tombstone. L is revived as a zombie, along with other DJMAX characters, and start chasing off Play. She is saved when Play's PSP summoned a huge crown that smashes the zombies.

This is the point where BlackCat strays from glory day. Instead of transformed to El Clear, L actually becomes El Fail, El Clear's antithesis. Play is then hypnotized by El Fail for no apparent reason. Other zombies are also turned into their original forms, albeit also under the state of hypnotized.

Game Appearances


4K 5K 6K 8K
5 11 6 11 5 8 12 7 12

Soundtrack Appearances

  • DJMAX RESPECT Original Soundtrack



DJMAX RESPECT Original Soundtrack Liner Notes

Fight the power
The Black Cat
Say it louder
No turning back
Fight the power
The Black Cat
Yeah let's go now
No turning back

Come on and follow me
We're getting closer
Escape reality it's all over
I'll make you proud of me
You better hold up
This is your enemy
Raise it louder

Don't hold back fight the power
Fully loaded Black Cat, world is ours
One and only son of a gun, I'm God's son
Like the police y'all better run,
I'm about to blow up
Down low better post up
Lock your shoelaces tight, let's raise up
Blaze the trail, come on let your body rock
Break the rules, I, time and time again

Don't you let go
Dig deep into your soul
Can't let you down
Rise against power

Fight the power
The Black Cat
Say it louder
No turning back
Fight the power
The Black Cat
Yeah let's go now
No turning back


  • Eyecatch for BlackCat mistakenly labels Jeong Changhun as the lyric writer, and JC as the vocalist (half true as he also raps).
  • Scene comparison between glory day and BlackCat can be seen here.
  • All spoofs, cameos, and references from glory day's BGA is also applicable to BlackCat, with some slight difference.
    • Instead of NB Red, NB Black takes his place.
  • Compared to El Clear which symbolizes everything great about DJMAX, El Clear is the representation of the gamers' frustration over sloppy gameplay mechanics, annoying typos, and game-breaking bugs.
    • It is said that El Fail will appear during game updates and DLCs launch window, hoping bugs will appear.
    • She gains strength as more bugs appear and more people gets mad over the game.
    • El Fail can hypnotize DJMAX gamer so they will play the game and find more bugs to make her stronger.
    • Her eyepatch can be used to summon a star guitar.
  • This song is used as BGM on the final stage of Glory Day event in Girls' Frontline mobile game. The final stage pits player against El Fail as the last boss.