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Blythe TechnikaEyecatch.jpg
First Appearance DJMAX Portable
Composer(s) M2U
Arranger(s) M2U
Vocal(s) Tari
Lyrics M2U
Visualization D
Genre Synth DnB
BPM 170
Length 2:13
YouTube-play-button.png Youtube BGA

Blythe is a song composed by M2U and sung by Tari. It is one of some popular DJMAX songs among fans and has been a mainstay of DJMAX games.

Song Description

  • Portable 2 - M2U's music and D's visual make a mystery story.
  • Clazziquai Edition - People loved this song for a long time since very beginning of DJMAX Portable.

Song Analysis

Blythe clearly states that its genre is synth DnB, and it clearly shows. It has a conventional drum and bass beats masked behind the accordion-like lead synth. Harp-like elements garnished the verse which gives Blythe a mysterious feel.

Although usually working on visuals, Tari lent her voice for some songs in early DJMAX games. Blythe is one of its examples, where Tari showcased her soft and emotional voice.

Background Animation

For background animation, D opted to reuse some materials from his previous work, Say My Love. The focus of the BGA, like the title implies, is the Blythe doll appearing throughout the BGA. One particular doll magically wakes up and approached a TV screen, suggesting that it wanted to watch whats on it.

Later, a scene of a girl singing behind the screen appears. It seems the footage is broadcasted throughout so many places such as phones and electronic stores. Cameos from other DJMAX songs appears to watch the girl singing; such as from OUT LAW, Luv Flow, and Triple Zoe. Another special cameo came from Croove's song JMJ which came from EZ2DJ.

Game Appearances

(All songs included in Technika are also in Technika 2 unless stated otherwise)

Soundtrack Appearances


  • Blythe was shortened to a 1:39 arcade length for DJMAX Technika.


Technika OST Liner Notes
Lyrics by M2U
*I love you my dear, I am the one for you
I'll be there for you forever and ever
You know I love you, you are the one for me
I love you more, than ever

I love you my dear, I am the one for you
I'll be there for you
You are the one for me can you see
I love you, you love me forever

* Repeat

I love you my dear, I am the one for you
I love you my dear, I am the one for you
I love you my dear, I am the one for you
I love you more, than ever...
I love you more, than ever...



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