Burn It Down

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DJMAX Technika 3's Eyecatch for Burn it Down.

Song Information

  • Composer: P'sycho-Remi
  • Genre: Industrial
  • Visualization: SR, 79c
  • BPM: 150
  • Length: 1:45

Game Appearances

(All songs included in Technika are also in Technika 2 unless stated otherwise)

Soundtrack Appearances


Technika 2 OST Liner Notes
Lyrics by P'sycho-Remi & Kalos
Your kindness gives me the
sound always
And swallow the red fog

The truth to be left at this lie is
only the illusion to be broken.

hey,it's just so long
I'm the perfect underdog.

Give me the low.
Give me the low.

What's up dippy
It's never too late to die.
You took my breath away.

Fix me baby.
Fib for absolution.
(Burn it down)

Everybody wants to be on your
crazy writhe.

Help me baby.
This dirty illusion.
(Burn it down)

Everybody wants to be on your
crazy writhe.

Song Description


  • The MV may have a connection to The Guilty as both MV's have the same characters.
  • In the split second that the title and genre is shown in the video, "INDUSTRIAL" is misspelled as "IDNUSTRIAL"


Youtube BGA - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FNTvYJyIKc