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DJMAX Trilogy Eyecatches, otherwise known as "Loading Image", "Loading Art", "Preview Image", etc. As Trilogy Eyecatches were animated, these files are screen captures, and not actual data files from the game. The captures are all done at 1024x768, the game's default native resolution, with "Standard" or 4:3 aspect ratio, which was what the Eyecatches and BGA were designed for (unlike newer Portable games and Technika, which are 16:9 Widescreen - not to be confused with Trilogy's own 5:3 Widescreen. Augh)

Generally, the game had one Eyecatch per song difficulty, used in all button modes.

On the Eyecatches, each song was associated with a particular period of the DJMAX franchise's lifetime, and watermarked with the game it debuted with, e.g. "2004 DJMAX Online" or "2006 DJMAX Portable 2" or "2008 DJMAX TRILOGY". Interestingly enough the METRO Project songs added in Patch 1.24 onwards do not have a specific watermark.

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