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Clazziquai Project Sept 2014.png
Other Name(s) Clazziquai Project
Origin South Korea
Years Active 2001-present
Genre(s) Electropop
Members DJ Clazzi (Producer, vocals)
Alex (Vocals)
Horan (Vocals)

Clazziquai Project (클래지콰이; also known simply as Clazziquai) is a South Korean electropop group who blends K-pop genre with elements of RnB, acid jazz, house, and electronic music. The members are composer Kim Sunghoon a.k.a. DJ Clazzi, and singer Alex Chu and Choi Soojin a.k.a. Horan. Aside from Alex and Horan, Clazziquai Project also features few guest singers; with one of them is Christina Chu, Alex's sibling.

Clazziquai Project started as the name implies; when DJ Clazzi graduated from Capilano College and Centre for Digital Imaging and Sound, he worked as a web designer while uploading his music on his spare time. As his music went viral around the year 2001, he attracted lots of interest. Helped by his acquaintances back in Canada, Alex and Christina Chu, who filled in some vocals, DJ Clazzi released three short experimental albums: gray, red, and retro.

At a later time, Christina left the project due to her work in Canada. To fill her spot, Horan is chosen to join the group, which become the final Clazziquai Project lineup. Despite not joining the group, Christina still participated in Clazziquai's future music releases.

Clazziquai Project's first album, Instant Pig, released in 2004 to critical acclaim. Five songs from the albums are used in various TV commercials. One of the songs, a remixed version of Come to Me (내게로 와), even used in a commercial featuring David Beckham. They released another album, Color Your Soul in 2005, and gained another success. Earlier that year, Clazziquai Project contributed to the Korean drama My Lovely Samsoon with the song Be My Love and She Is, which helped the series attained up to 50% in ratings share.

2007 marks another active year of Clazziquai Project with the release of their third album, Love Child of the Century. Since then, each member pursued individual activities which started a false rumor that they are disbanding. This is proven to be false when in 2008, Clazziquai Project collaborated with DJMAX game to release DJMAX Portable Clazziquai Edition. The PSP game features some of Clazziquai Project's popular songs and their original tracks for the game, as well as other licensed songs and brand new tracks from DJMAX's mainstay composers. These original tracks by Clazziquai Project were later released in the EP Metrotronics; serving as the one and only soundtrack release for Clazziquai Edition.

Clazziquai Project has released the following albums.

Clazziquai Project in 2010. From left to right: DJ Clazzi, Alex, Horan, and guest vocalist Christina.


  • Instant Pig (2004)
  • Color Your Soul (2005)
  • Love Child of the Century (2007)
  • Mucho Punk (2009)
  • Blessed (2013)
  • Blink (2014)
  • Travellers (2016)

Remix Albums

  • Zbam (2004)
  • Pinch Your Soul (2006)
  • Robotica (2007)
  • Mucho Beat (2009)

EPs/Special Albums

  • Love Mode (2006)
  • Beat in Love (2008)
  • Metrotronics (2008)
  • Mucho Musica (2009)
  • Mucho Mix (2009)
  • Taiwan Special Best Of Album 2013 (2013)


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