Come to Me (내게로 와)

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Song Information

Game Appearances

(All songs included in Technika are also in Technika 2 unless stated otherwise)


Lyrics by Alex & Horan

Game Version

아까부터 널 보고 있는데
혼자일텐데 뭘 그리 생각해
짧은 머린 음악에 흔들려
불안한 눈은 누굴 찾고 있는거야

Shooting star will lead my night to yours
You gonna be so much cham
Shooting star will lead my night to yours
Just to make it throught your heart

내게로 와 내게로 와 baby
내게로 와 I am waiting for me the lucky chance

I've been a fool

Song Description

  • Clazziquai Edition - One of Clazziquai's popular song. This song was on the very first album of Clazziquai.


  • The HD chart for this song is exactly the same as the NM chart in Technika aside from one aesthetic change that changes the constant pink notes, featured in the NM, to repeat notes in the HD chart.
  • Z_B and Sara said that they only took 4 days to make this song's BGA - directly contrary to Landscape, which took 9 months.


Technika Eyecatches

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