Cosmic Fantastic Lovesong

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DJMAX Technika 2's Eyecatch for Cosmic Fantastic Lovesong.

Song Information

  • Composer: DINY
  • Genre: Ani Pop
  • Visualization: Panneh, Latte
  • Vocals: Chohee (Korean Version), Sanch (Japanese Version)
  • BPM: 136
  • Length: 1:46

Game Appearances

(All songs included in Technika are also in Technika 2 unless stated otherwise)

Soundtrack Appearances


Portable 3 Liner Notes
Lyrics by DINY


스치는 바람결에
내 맘을 전하고 싶어

두 손을 힘껏 뻗어 봤지만

영원히 변하지 않을 보석처럼
한없이 펼처진 Far Away
(You're Gonna Shine)

까만 밤하늘을 저어 너에게
아득한 공각을 헤메이다가
가만히 귀를 기울이며 Show Me The Way

아련히 저 멀리서 너를 느끼며
하얗게 빛나는 별들을 지나
언젠간 닿을 수 있도록 Can't Stop Loving You

永久に輝くダイヤの様に1日が Sky Far Away

そっと耳澄ませば Show Me The way

いつか届くように Can't Stop Loving you

いつか届くように Can't Stop Loving you)

Song Description

Portable 3 - An up and coming songwriter DINY presents an enticing new love song.
Technika 2 - Cosmic Pop music by DINY which tells the story of shy confession of a girl. Also enjoy the music video that tells the story of an idol star's love story about childhood friend becoming the couple.


  • The MV features a short scene of the girl dressed as the witch girl (Sunmi) from Cosmic Elevator, one of Panneh's previous works. Cosmic Elevator's blue mascot (Mong) also makes an appearance as a gig bag accessory.
  • The girl's name, as seen in the BGA and according to the Portable 3 character list, is Airin.
  • On the Japanese version of Portable 3, this, along with Mellow D Fantasy and Raise Me Up, was given new vocals in Japanese.


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