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Rinat Arinos.

Rinat Arinos (also known as Rinat Curious or simply Curious) is an Israeli-American music producer. She begins to play music in her young age, by playing bass, singing, and performing in a band during her teenage years in Tel Aviv. She received formal musical education at Berklee College of Music, while being mentored by music producer Howard Benson. Under his tutelage, Rinat lent her voice as the additional vocal on My Chemical Romance's The Ghost of You, which Benson produced.

Her breakthrough role as a producer came when she co-produced Let It Go for Brit and Alex which hit #5 on UK music charts and featured on the soundtrack for Step Up 2 The Streets. Since then, Rinat's works could be found in over 75 TV programs and movies such as Bad Girls Club, The Hills, The City, The Biggest Loser, True Life, Real World, My Super Sweet 16 and Parental Control.

In 2006, under the name Curious, Rinat released her first original album, Curious EP. It then followed by two singles in 2007, an acoustic EP titled Bare, and her first full length album Something Worth Fighting For.

Rinat is the founder and owner of Pink Shark Music, a company that provides music production service, as well as distributing songs by musician for TV and movie licensing. The company has provided songs for prestigious clients such as The Ellen Show, Once Upon a Time, America's Funniest Videos, Dude Perfect, S.T.R.O.N.G, and Reign.

She currently resides in Los Angeles, and is a self-proclaimed mother.


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