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DISCLAIMER: Firstly, thank you for your interest in contributing to the wiki. That being said, right off the bat it would be prudent to mention that CGWiki is intended to be a 'neutral ground', so to speak, unrelated to any one DJMAX fan site or person.

With that in mind, all contributions to the site should adhere to the general idea that this site is almost completely public domain. If some information (i.e. an existing GameFAQs guide) has a typical "this document should only be published on X Y Z sites", do not copy/paste that information to this site. Ask for permission of the respective guide authors, first. Or better yet, tell the authors about this wiki. In some ways a wiki is much better for intra-guide/topic navigation than a set of documents on GameFAQs, and has the benefit of much easier updating and/or 3rd-party contribution. (GameFAQs has its place, don't get me wrong).

Following the premise of neutrality, name-dropping should also be kept to a minimum - in external links, if at all. (Remember, public domain isn't "here's this link to a guide, oh btw it was written by XxCloudStrife96xX". No one really gets recognition under public domain. Rough, I know - deal with it. I know I've dropped quite a few "falknote" turds on various pages. These should be cleaned up (by me) eventually (soon) and moved to discussion pages where necessary. They're a leftover artifact from when the wiki was known to like 3 people.

In contrast, pictures/scans/photos should obviously be credited on respective media pages, wherever applicable.

Just to be safe, read the Copyrights page.

With those niceties out of the way, let me say that any retarded, fictional information that is posted as fact on this wiki (such as D2 being a playable song on Portable 3, lolwikipedia) will get you immediately and permanently banned. Despite the disclaimer on the Copyrights page, I want this wiki to be as factually accurate as humanly possible. If something is in doubt, use terms like "appears to be" or "it is hypothesized that", etc. Be very clear in distinguising fact from hypothesis. When contributing information that is questionable or outright contradicts previous information, add a citation (in edit Summary) to be safe.

Anything related to i.e. distribution of ISOs and/or piracy of the franchise will also result in an immediate ban. Some fansite links may skirt that line, but that's about as far as that goes. Yes, we know ISOs are way more convenient than UMDs. Yes, we know Custom Firmware makes life so much easier on many levels. As far as CGWiki is concerned, that's info that can be found in places other than the wiki. Piracy exists, and will exist for any product under the sun. We aren't pretending it doesn't. That doesn't mean we have to condone it or make it easier to find.

Once again, welcome, and enjoy your stay.
Falk 01:02, 24 October 2010 (CDT)


This page will slowly expand to encompass the basic stubs/templates for various categories of pages, the skeleton of this entire wiki, the logic behind how things are ordered, when to use bold and italics, etc. Basically a toilet read.


Straight up, CGWiki is going to refer to the franchise as DJMAX. This was how it was originally termed, and while "DJ Max" has since been widely used (and generally accepted by the western community) I'm going to be an elitist dick and stick with my guns on this one for more than a few reasons. As far as the wiki is concerned, unless it's an external link/reference, "DJ Max" is an incorrect spelling.

Bold & Italics

For the purpose of this wiki, bold generally is used for proper nouns, italics for links (i.e main article, for more info see X, etc) YES I KNOW THIS IS INCONSISTENT WITH OTHER WIKIS BUT HERE WE DO IT MY WAY, OKAY CAPICE.

Franchise-related Inconsistent Capitalizaions, Spelling, Engrish

For most part, wherever a product has a listing (i.e. game tracklist, OST tracklist) the corresponding page will follow letter for letter all the inconsistencies. Songs that have punctuation that change (i.e. Get Out ~Hip Noodle Mix~ vs Get Out (Hip Noodle Mix)) will be listed with the punctuation that that particular list uses. The standardization instead comes in the form of page names, where the outdated nouns redirect to the 'correct' ones.

For the purpose of this wiki, the main source of reference as to what a proper noun's exact capitalization and punctuation is (in other words, the 'correct' spelling according to CGWiki) is the latest printed media, specifically liner notes, artbooks, etc. These supercede in-game spellings, and supercede older printed notes, with the exception of DJMAX Trilogy (which loses priority to everything else). (See: Name Standardizations) This 'correct' spelling will be used whenever that noun is referred to from outside of a list context (i.e. articles about it, examples that cite it, etc)

For examples of this superceding in practice, See: Leave it up to the wind, Eternity, Brandnew Days. (All of them redirect)

Section Extraction

For each main page, generally if a section/subcategory is more than half a page long, it probably should be split off into its own page, with the original section reading "Main article: etc." followed by the first paragraph of the new page.

Game Pages

Basic structure:

  • Summary + Picture, before table of contents
  • Game Tracklist This is usually the most sought after info, it goes first
  • Pre-release/Release History lesson/record, currently only applicable to T2/P3.
  • Features - if the game has a main menu, each menu selection (i.e. Club Tour, Arcade Mode, whatever) should all be subcategories of Features.
  • Limited Edition Set interchangeable with other merchendise released that relates to the game.
  • Bugs/Glitches self explanatory
  • Other stuff, like promotions (Live Miracle), patches, platinum crew, etc
  • Guides second most sought after info. Putting it right at the bottom makes it easier to find.
  • External Links

Guide Pages

Unlike the rest of the wiki, guides (combo farming, xp grinding, hi scoring sets, etc) are usually not 100% factually based and are usually more anecdotal or personal experience oriented. Guide pages are therefore more lax in terms of being factually accurate.

Song Pages

Generally a song or remix gets its own page only if it's a playable track. The easiest distinction to make about this is Portable 2 OST's bonus/remix disc. The remixes that eventually ended up in Trilogy get their own pages. The remixes that didn't are generally only mentioned on the original pages as a remix appearing on a soundtrack.

To be clear, playable remixes of a song get their own page, with reference to the original. (Example: See Desperado and Desperado (Nu skool Mix))

  • The (current) exceptions to this rule are Lover and Y Black Square versions, because while significantly different from the original Clazziquai releases, they have the same tempo, number of bars, BGA, etc. These two songs' pages are special cases and have been handled.

Playable Extended Versions (3min+) get their own pages, with reference to the original. (These are generally to accomodate the nonstop mix mode for T2 Extended Sets) (Example: Y -Extended Mix-)

  • Exception to this is NB Ranger : NonStop Remix, which remains as one page for both Extended and Portable 3 versions. This is a special case due to the Extended version being the 'original', and has been handled.

Songs that are in a previous game and get shortened or lengthened for a subsequent release do not get their own page as long as the new cut isn't an obviously intended Extended Version (3min+). (Examples: Brand NEW Days in Technika 2, or Keys to the world in Portable 3). These different game cuts are instead mentioned under Remixes/Adaptations, and the differing cuts are noted on Gameplay Appearances.

  • (current) Special case is STOP from Black Square/Trilogy. This was a special case and has been handled.

Songs with originally Korean titles are appended to the page name, e.g. Ask to Wind (바람에게 부탁해). Since in many cases the english translations for these change from title to title, the page name will adhere to 'correct' wiki reference. (See above). Other examples: Heart Beat (originally Seoleim) and Forever (originally Eternity)

Song Information

Composer: This should always be the entity that the music is advertised under. Although T2 liner notes say i.e. IF is composed by "Lee Seung Ju", it makes more sense to say "IF by Vanilla Unity" than "IF by Lee Seung Ju". In these exceptional cases a "Song by:" field is added to the song information category.

For classical remixes, it's a little more tricky. As of now, I intend to list the original composer as the composer anyway, and the perpetrator of the remix under Arranged/Remixed By. However this is up for debate, as people associate V with dj TAKA rather than Vivaldi, so... if you have an opinion on this, use the discussion page.

Arranged/Remixed by: Only started to get more confusing recently with Portable 3. Otherwise, self-explanatory.

Genre: Letter-for-letter from 'correct' wiki spelling (see above)

Visualization: Self explanatory. If a song has multiple MV versions they are seperated by / (Examples: STOP, Get Out (Hip Noodle Mix))

Vocals: Who are we kidding just add So fly and JC here and you'll be correct half the time.

Guitars/Keyboard/etc: If any liner notes mentions someone, it's added here as an appended category. Raps go up in vocals, everything else is fair game. If ponGlow plays triangle for a Portable 4 track and it's mentioned in liner notes, it goes here.

BPM/Length: Self-explanatory. For songs that have had multiple game cuts, the original length should be here. The subsequent cut's lengths are mentioned instead under Remixes/Adaptations

  • Exception to this is STOP which was pretty much a simultaneous release on two games, with differing lengths. This is a special case and has been handled (Both lengths listed under this heading).


All DJMAX-related versions should be mentioned here, including OST versions that differ in length. Non-DJMAX adaptations of the song should be instead mentioned under Trivia. By Non-DJMAX I mean when a particular version of a song cannot be found on a DJMAX game or OST. (Example: DARK ENVY original version mentioned in Trivia. On the flip side The Clear Blue Sky original japanese version mentioned in Remixes/Adaptations because it appears on Technika OST)

Game Appearances

Self explanatory. List in chronological order (of game release, so Trilogy patch songs individual dates aren't a consideration)

Soundtrack Appearances

Same as above. Exception to this is Legacy and Retro appearances. (See links for more info)


Whenever quoting from a liner notes, follow this format: italics source, bold 'Lyrics by ___', then followed by the lyrics, line for line, letter for letter, with all spelling and grammatical errors intact. This is so that the sources can be properly credited, to help avert any songwriter copyright issues. See Y for an example. Oh, also, please, please, please don't use Trilogy OST liner notes as a source if at all possible. Sweet Jesus.

For songs that don't have a print in any liner notes (i.e. Forever) the formatting and restrictions obviously don't apply

For songs that aren't completely in english, a Translation subsection is useful. The translation is more freeform as it isn't confined by potential copyright problems, but try to keep the same paragraphing/spacing as the original except where lines were obviously cut because of limited spacing issues in the liner note (i.e. long line followed by 1 word on the next line)

For Romanizations, I'm not convinced that these are necessary. All they really do is bloat up the page, and if people are interested in the pronounciations (for singing along/whatever) it really only takes a copy/paste into a romanization site like, vs the translations which are useful to have. (machine translations 1/10th through the 21st century are still awful) If you have an opinion, use the discussion page.

Song Description

In-game official descriptions from the various games, i.e. MV Edition, Trilogy Collection, etc. I'm hoping to eventually branch these out to liner note/artbook comments as well, if the translation workforce is there.


More freeform, anything of interest. Character names, character cameos in other BGA, non-DJMAX remixes of songs. Just don't link that awful youtube video of someone struggling through the first 10 notes of Oblivion.


  • Eyecatches and unlockable images of song. Should be listed alphabetically.
  • Youtube vids go at the end - HD tag appended only for Vicugna's videos (for now)
  • Multiple youtube links permissable if there are different game cuts or different BGA of the song.
  • Gameplay youtube links do not belong here. Unless it's something extremely funny or noteworthy, in which case it goes up in Trivia.

p.s. \o/

Make sure to add Category:Songs (in double brackets) to the end so it's listed in the appropriate category.

Composer Pages

Freeform, usually a description of the composer, his/her style within DJMAX and other noteworthy works (both game and mainstream) outside the franchise. If the composer has any albums marketed that falls within the guidelines of the Music Album section below, it should be listed here as well, with individual music album page links. Example: 3rd Coast

Try to find a picture representing the composer. Multiple pictures are okay, just figure out how to arrange them on the page. Example: CROOVE


All playable tracks within the franchise, including remixes other people may have made of the song. If the composer was an arranger/remixer for a particular track belonging to someone else, (Arranger) is appended. Example: Paul Bazooka

This list shouldn't include non-playable works like bonus tracks, interface music, promotional music, etc. Those should be mentioned above.

External Links

Anything related, blogs, websites, interviews. Don't post DJ Keri playboy nudes.

Visual Artist/Motion Graphics Artist/Vocalist Pages

Very similar to Composer Pages above, except "Works" replaces "Tracklist". In the same boat, interface design should be listed in the description and not Works, as Works is meant for playable tracks.

Music Album pages

These are for any discrete album marketed under a recognizable DJMAX composer alias. It should be a full album, so a few tracks in a compilation album shouldn't be given a page.

Alternatively, for music albums that are compilations of multiple DJMAX composers. Anything that a DJMAX fan would be interested in/should know about.

Formatting follows the same basic layout as the Physical/Digital OST pages, except with publishing/release info at the top. (generally these are not released by Penta hence this req.)



External Links

Reviews, etc. and if applicable, commercial sources including iTunes and Korean digital distro sites.

old page (ignore)

These sites need filling out pronto, after P3/T2 in priority. DJMAX Portable Black Square
DJMAX Portable Black Square:Tracklist
DJMAX Portable Black Square:Link Disc Mode (Clazziquai Edition link disc tracklisting)

DJMAX Portable Clazziquai Edition
DJMAX Portable Clazziquai Edition:Club Tour Mode
DJMAX Portable Clazziquai Edition:Arcade Mode

Category:Trilogy Eyecatches (Whittling away at this one bit by bit)

Trilogy/P2/P1 and Fever/Hot Tunes remain lower priority but feel free to add whatever stuff you feel like adding.

If you're uploading eyecatches, be 100% sure you're following the proper formatting and naming conventions. Check back with me on forums/whatever if unsure.

** since this is a wiki I'm going to link iTunes (or import sites, or whatever) wherever applicable. Every penny probably helps, etc. Use 3rd Coast page as a guideline for composer pages.

== Music Album