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The vast majority of this wiki deals with information regarding the DJMAX franchise, which is (c) Pentavision Co. Ltd/neowiz entertainment/netmarble/PM Studios, 2004-2010. All exportable PSP wallpapers, game eyecatches, product illustrations & coversheets, etc. are (c) Pentavision and the respective visual artists.

All written text on this site are the works of various people who compiled information and wrote it down. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the information published on this site. It is all presented as-is, and is not liable for any damages or penalty incurred by incorrect information or misuse of information. All written text on this site are considered to be released under Public Domain and are free to be redistributed, with the exception of song lyrics.

Lyrics listed on this site are (c) their respective songwriters. No, we do not have a license to display the lyrics on this site, go ahead and issue us a cease and desist based on copyright laws written long before the Internet ever existed, if you want. We're obviously making a lot of money off these lyrics being on the wiki.