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DJMAX Technika 2's Eyecatch for D2.

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(All songs included in Technika are also in Technika 2 unless stated otherwise)

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Song Description


  • This song gained notoriety during Technika 2's Location Test as it was a hyped upper Boss Song of the so-called "Super Speed" set. The HD chart scrolled twice as fast as the BPM of the song implied, making the chart much more difficult than it appeared to be. Because of this novelty (of which D2 has exclusivity at the moment) D2's HD chart has the fastest scroll speed of all DJMAX Technika charts, even though some songs have a technically faster BPM, like SON OF SUN and Ask to Wind (Live Mix).
  • The MX chart hacked by Chinese players via datamining reveals that the ending to it makes it scroll at quadruple its normal speed (although it's only for a set of holds that rise one lane per 2 measures.)
  • The MX chart hacked ere 6th update of the max point shop proved to be overruled and a new version was accepted instead. The new version is even more difficult and is the single most difficult chart in Technika 2 available, preserving the infamous double speed scroll and quadruple speed scroll at the end. A barrage of four-track repeat notes appears near the end of the chart which almost pushes the touchscreen to the limit of its sensitivity.
  • The only song to truly match its scroll speed is Emblem, as seen in its Club Chart in DJMAX Technika Tune. Although that song moves at its intended BPM while D2 MX does not move at its intended speed at all.
  • D2's MX chart in DJMAX Technika 3 was evaluated as Lv.11 despite the widely accepted truth that it's harder than that.
  • D2 is one of the three hardest songs of the whole Technika series. (The other two being Cypher Gate and Xeus.)
  • This song took Cypher Gate's spot of being the hardest song of the whole series before Xeus dethroned this song from the spot.


Technika 2 Eyecatches

Youtube BGA - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sH4jLS_DW9Y