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DJMAX Mobile is a special version made for cellphones developed by Ntreev, licensed by Pentavision, published by Gametree and it's considered by most as a spin-off. This game have two gameplay styles: an standard gameplay similar to DJMAX Online/Portable, and an Technika-style gameplay. It was launched December 24th 2009 and is Korea-only, which first caused some disappointment, but later on not so much as the nature of the game became apparent to DJMAX fans who were used to much higher quality than cellphone apps.

It has 68 songs in total, which includes songs from Portable, Portable 2, Clazziquai Edition, Black Square and Technika. Most, if not all, are in MIDI, attributing some of the disappointment mentioned above.

Its difficulty is considered easy, due to the lack of graphical performance by cellphone technology and its processing limitations; the game is obviously much easier than the Portable series of games or the ultimate predecessor, DJMAX Online. The game was made in Java, maybe because most cellphones support this programming language.

DJMAX Mobile was discontinued November 1st 2010.


Plastic method - zts

Never Say - ND Lee


Luv Flow - 3rd Coast

sO mUCH iN LUV - 3rd Coast

Light House - xxdbxx

A Lie - makou

Nightmare - M2U

One The Love - xxdbxx

Seeker - M2U

Bye Bye Love - 3rd Coast

SQUEEZE Oriental - ST8

SON OF SUN - Hosoe Shinji


Syriana - Bexter

Fentanest - Earbreaker & eszett

NB Ranger Returns - NieN


NB Ranger - M2U

Fallen Angel - DJ Mocha

Brand New Days - Planetboom

Ask to the Wind (바람에게 부탁해) (Live Mix)- Forte Escape

Motion - Cooly's Hot Box

Jupiter Driving - xxdbxx

FTR - Supbaby

PDM - Trish

Shoreline - Oriental ST8

A.I. - Forte Escape

Every Morning (아침형인간) - ND Lee

Landscape - Tsukasa

Proposed, Flower, Wolf(고백 꽃 늑대) Part2 - ReX

Oblivion (Rockin' Night Style) - ESTi

Piano Concerto No. 1(피아노협주곡 1번 3악장) - WaveFactory

Your Own Miracle - Ruby Tuesday

Ladymade Star - ESTi

White Blue - zts

Melody - bermei.inazawa/UC

Another Day - Forte Escape

In My Heart - Tsukasa

Keys to the World - Planetboom

Colours of Sorrow - Tsukasa

Remember - Lin-G

Fate - STi

Fermion - makou

HEXAD - Electronic Boutique

End of the Moonlight - Forte Escape

Chrono Breakers (소호전) - NieN

The Last Dance - Urbatronic Chopsticks

Sunny Side - CROOVE

Play the Future - Urbatronic Chopsticks

설레임 - ND Lee

Divine Service - Electronic Boutique

SuperSonic - Planet Boom

ACCESS - Sphazer

Hamsin - makou

Cherokee - xxdbxx

Y - ND Lee

Memory of Beach - M2U

STOP - 3rd Coast


Miles - Electronic Boutique

Sweet Shining Shooting Star - CROOVE

Coastal Tempo - 3rd Coast

Honeymoon - Humming Urban Stereo

Here in the Moment - Ruby Tuesday

Lover - ND Lee

CLOSER - 3rd Coast