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Missions in Portable 3 are be divided into 2 categories: Missions, and DJ Challenges. The latter function more like PSN Trophies/Achievements, and are not related to a song, e.g. watch the entire tutorial, get a 1% MAX Rate on a song, playcounts, combo counts, etc.

There are 70 Missions and 30 DJ Challenges


* Ingame typo says "WX" charts are unlocked, instead of WS
# Name/Effector Charts/Objective Reward Type Reward Name
01 4T Training: Step 1 Put Em Up 4T Character Sarah
Score 15,000
02 4T Training: Step 2 Love is Beautiful 4T Effector Mirror
Combo 100
03 4T Training: Step 3 Raise me up 4T Effector Random
MAX Rate 88.0%
04 4T Training: Step 4 Sweet Dream 4T Music Video Say It From Your Heart
Break <30
05 4T Training: Step 5 IF 4T Wallpaper MASAI (Electro House Mix) .2
Fever x2
06 3.2T Training: Step 1 Say It From Your Heart 3.2T Wallpaper Desperado (Nu skool Mix) .2
Score 25,000
07 3.2T Training: Step 2 Trip 3.2T Character Rose
Combo 150
08 3.2T Training: Step 3 Season (Warm Mix) 3.2T Wallpaper Luv is True .2
MAX Rate 85.0%
09 3.2T Training: Step 4 Mellow D Fantasy 3.2T Music Video Sweet Dream
Break <40
10 3.2T Training: Step 5 WhiteBlue 3.2T Wallpaper Waiting for the sun .2
Fever x2
11 Score Challenge Beautiful Girl 3.2T Character Doctor Storm
Score 50,000
12 Combo Challenge SuperSonic (Mr.Funky Remix) 4T Wallpaper Zet (Mr.Funky Remix) .2
Combo 180
13 Judgment Challenge (sic) Cosmic Fantastic Lovesong 4T Effector 1Break Death
MAX Rate 91.0%
14 Break Challenge Zet (Mr.Funky Remix) 4T Wallpaper Funky People .2
Break <25
15 Fever Challenge Everything 4T Character Orchid
Fever x3
16 Rewind: part 1 Get Out (Hip Noodle Mix) 3.2T
Sunny Side (Remix) 4.2T
Wallpaper Mellow D Fantasy .2
Score 130,000
17 Rewind: part 2 Syriana (Blast Wave Mix) 3.2T
MASAI (Electro House Mix) 4.2T
Wallpaper Beautiful Girl .2
Combo 250
18 Heavy Riff Funky People 4.2T
Zet (Mr.Funky Remix) 4.2T
Wallpaper Everything .2
MAX Rate 91.0%
19 Warmth & Coldness Sunny Side (Remix) 4.2T
OUT LAW - Reborn 3.2T
Music Video Put Em Up
Break <35
20 Club 1110 Luv Flow (Funky House Mix) 3.2T
SuperSonic (Mr.Funky Remix) 3.2T
Character XeoN
Fever x3
21 Turn it Up Your Smile 4T
Funky People 4T
Wallpaper Raise me up .2
Mirror Score 250,000
22 Hybrid Mission Waiting for the sun 4T
Everything 4T
Character Commando
MAX Rate 90.0%
23 Put your hands up Put Em Up 4.2T
Hanz up! 3.2T
Music Video Trip
Score 270,000
24 Visionary WhiteBlue 3.2T
Drum Town 3.2T
Music Video Mellow D Fantasy
MAX Rate 90.0%
Fever x3
25 Mixed Trax Sunny Side (Remix) 4.2T
MASAI (Electro House Mix) 4.2T
Character 7 sequence
Random Combo 600
26 Monotone OUT LAW - Reborn 3.2T
Syriana (Blast Wave Mix) 3.2T
Music Video Beautiful Girl
Fade Out Score 300,000
27 Ode to Love Luv is True 4T
Cosmic Fantastic Lovesong 3.2T
Character Jeremy
MAX Rate 93.0%
28 Sky-High Become Myself 3.2T
IF 3.2T
Character Vermilion
Break <25
29 Take a break Sweet Dream 3.2T
Trip 3.2T
Music Video Leave me Alone (?)
MAX Rate 90.0%
30 Over the Rookie SuperSonic (Mr.Funky Remix) 3.2T
Season (Warm Mix) 3.2T
Character NB Black
Score 325,000
Combo 800
31 Start your Engine Zet (Mr.Funky Remix) 4.2T
Desperado (Nu skool Mix) 4.2T
Gear Transparency
Score 340,000
Combo 1,500
32 Pastel Gallery Sweet Dream 4.2T
Cosmic Fantastic Lovesong 4.2T
Music Video Luv is True
MAX Rate 91.0%
33 Weather Report Say It From Your Heart 4.2T
Put Em Up 4T
Character Planetboom
Score 365,000
Break <30
34 Battle DJ License Cosmic Fantastic Lovesong 3.2T
IF 4.2T
Character Mr.Funky
Combo 800
MAX Rate 94.0%
35 Turning Point Random
Music Video XLASHER
Break <40
36 Rock the Night Funky People 6T
Become Myself 6T
Pattern Get Out (Hip Noodle Mix) WS
Fever x3
37 Hip & Soul Luv Flow (Funky House Mix) 6T
Waiting for the sun 6T
Character Chuck
Random Combo 900
38 Popular Numbers Become Myself 6T
Pattern Cosmic Fantastic Lovesong WS
Combo 1,800
Fever x5
39 Rainbow Mixture Mellow D Fantasy 6T
Beautiful Girl 4.2T
Pattern Season (Warm Mix) WS
Score 600,000
40 Digital Maniac Waiting for the sun 4.2T
La Campanella : Nu Rave 4.2T
Pattern Zet (Mr.Funky Remix) WS
Score 625,000
MAX Rate 95.0%
Fever x5
41 Just 1% Drum Town 6T
Cosmic Fantastic Lovesong 6T
Character Airin
1% Death MAX Rate 94.0%
42 High-Definition Play Get Out (Hip Noodle Mix) 4T
Syriana (Blast Wave Mix) 6T
WhiteBlue 4T
Pattern Put Em Up WS
MAX Rate 96.0%
43 Electronic Area Drum Town 6T
Luv is True 4.2T
NB Rangers : Nonstop Remix 4.2T
Pattern Beautiful Girl WS
Combo 3,500
44 Zig Zag?! Sweet Dream 6T
Cosmic Fantastic Lovesong 6T
Pattern Mellow D Fantasy WS
Chaos W MAX Rate 77.0%
45 Road Kill Everything 6T
Beautiful Girl 6T
La Campanella : Nu Rave 4T
Character Nick
Fade In Score 660,000
46 Fly to the Sky Raise me up 6T NM
Sunny Side (Remix) 4.2T TS
Whiteblue 6T NM
Break <20
47 Sampler Challenge Funky People 4.2T SS
Luv Flow (Funky House Mix) 4.2T SS
Out Law - Reborn 4.2T SS
Character Amber
Combo 2,500
MAX Rate 95.0%
Fever x3
48 Tidal Beat Wave Waiting for the sun 4.2T SS
Desperado (Nu skool Mix) 6T NM
Leave me Alone 4.2T SS
Character Eric
MAX Random Break <25
49 Coast Coast Coast Everything 6T NM
Sunny Side (Remix) 6T NM
Luv is True 6T NM
Fader: Cloud MAX Rate 95.0%
Fever x3
50 Higher Underground Funky People 4T SS
Hanz Up! 4.2T SS
Gone Astray 6T NM
Character Sugarette
Score 880,000
Fever x4
Break <10
51 Shuffle : Classic All ** Random
Character Sunghui
MAX Random Break <35
52 Shuffle : Remix All ** Random
Break <25
53 Worldwide Beat Keys to the World 4.2T TS
Drum Town 4.2T TS
Waiting for the sun 4.2T SS
Gear Headlight
Fader : Blink
Fever x4
54 Dumping Dumpling Put Em Up 4.2T TS
Love is Beautiful 4.2T SS
Hanz Up! 4.2T SS
Character DumpingLIFE
Score 650,000
Combo 3,000
55 Funky Friday Night Break 4.2T TS
Supersonic (Mr.Funky Remix) 4.2T SS
Zet (Mr.Funky Remix) 4.2T SS
Pattern Funky People WS
Fever x6
56 This is Paul Bazooka Desperado (Nu Skool Breakz Mix) 4.2T SS
Masai (Electro House Mix) 6.2T SS
Enemy Storm (Dark Jungle Mix) 6.2T SS
Pattern Raise me up WS
Score 1,500,000
Break <40
57 Dancing ZorBa Luv is True 4.2T SS
La Campanella : Nu Rave 6T NM
Leave me Alone 6T HD
Character Z_B
Fader : Fade in
Combo 5,000
MAX Rate 93.0%
Fever x4
58 Makou Sound Set Put Em Up 3.2T WS
Season 3.2T WS
Gone Astray 6T NM
Score 1,400,000
Combo 4,000
59 ECO's VIsion Territory Funky People 3.2T WS
Break! 3.2T WS
NB Ranger : Nonstop Remix 4.2T SS
Character ECO
Score 1,300,000
MAX Rate 97.0%
Fever x4
60 Crouching Tiger Get Out (Hip Noodle Mix) 4T HD
Whiteblue 4.2T SS
Keys to the World 4.2T WS
Speed 3.0
Fader : Fade out
Break <30
61 Heaven's Door Sunny side (Remix) 4.2T SS
Funky People 6T NM
Supersonic (Mr.Funky Remix) 6.2T SS
Note(?) The Tower
Speed 0.5 Score 1,200,000
Fever x5
62 Butterfly Effect Luv is True 6T NM
Say it from your Heart 4.2T SS
Hanz Up! 6.2T SS
Score 1,900,00
Combo 6,000
MAX Rate 94.0%
Fever x6
63 Planet 1300M Become Myself 6.2T SS
Keys to the World 6.2T SS
Raise me up 6.2T WS
Character SimpSonS
Fader : Fade out
MAX Random
MAX Rate 95.0%
Fever x4
Break <20
64 Deadly Ensemble La Campanella : Nu Rave 4T HD
Dream of Winds 6T HD
Out Law - Rebord 6T HD
Score 1,800,000
Break <5
65 The Maze IF 6.2T SS
Keys to the World 4.2T SS
Leave me Alone 6.2T WS
Pattern Masai (Electro House Mix) WS
Fader : Fade in
Combo 9,000
66 Bex and Cruv : 1974 Syriana (Blast Wave Mix) 4.2T SS
Out Law - Rebord 6.2T SS
Enemy Storm (Dark Jungle Mix) 6.2T SS
Character Johan
Score 2,600,000
MAX Rate 96.0%
Fever x6
67 Pentavision Awards Get Out (Hip Noodle Mix) 6.2T WS
SuperSonic (Mr.Funky Remix) 6.2T WS
Xlasher 6.2T WS
Character Super52
Random Score 2,000,000
Combo 7,000
68 New World Order Desperado (Nu Skool Breakz Mix) 6.2T SS
Gone Astray 6.2T WS
La Campanella : Nu Rave 6.2T WS
Pattern Desperado (Nu Skool Breakz Mix) WS
Fader : Cloud MAX Rate 95.0%
Fever x7
69 HELLORD : Second Hanz Up! 6.2T WS
Out Law - Reborn 6.2T WS
Rage of Demon 6.2T WS
Character Batista
Score 2,500,000
Fever x7
Break 40
70 The Last Signal Leave me Alone 6.2T WS
Enemy Storm (Dark Jungle Mix) 6.2T WS
Dream of Winds 6.2T WS
Pattern NB Rangers : Nonstop Remix WS
Fader : Cloud Combo 7,000
MAX Rate 90.0%
Fever x8
Break <50

** Random chooses from any button mode, for any song/chart that you currently have access to in Arcade Mode (not necessarily Free Style-unlocked). It can pick the same song/chart combination twice in the same mission.

DJ Challenge

* Ingame typo (only on English versions) says 4.2 Trax, 
# Name Objective Reward Type Reward Name
01 On Your Mark Completely see the Tutorial Character Juggernaut
02 Classic Player Clear all Arcade stages in Classic Mode. Music Video SuperSonic (Mr.Funky Remix)
03 Oldies but Goodies Clear all songs in Classic Mode. Music Video Everything
04 Various Taste Clear all Arcade stages in 3.2 Trax. Effector Chaos W
05 Colorful Beat Clear all Arcade stages in 4.2 Trax. Effector Highway
06 Multi Player Clear all Arcade stages in 6.2* Trax. Effector 1% Death
07 Mix Impact Clear all songs in 3.2T Mode. Music Video Love is Beautiful
08 Mix Virtuoso Clear all songs in 4.2T Mode. Music Video Funky People
09 Multiplayer Clear all songs in 6.2T Mode. ??? ???
10 ??? Clear 200 charts. ??? ???
11 Ghost Busters Clear a song using Ghost effector. Music Video Become Myself
12 A half sheet of paper Clear 35 Missions Pattern Luv Flow WS
13 ??? Clear all missions. ??? ???
14 1 Get 1.0% rate on play once. Character Plum Blossom
15 Gold Accuracy Get 99.0%-99.9% rate on play 100 times. Character Junkobe
16 Platinum Accuracy Get 100% rate on play for one time. Effector Ghost
17 Combo Maniac Attain 15000 max combos on Freestyle. Character Baby
18 Combo Machine_01 Attain 50000 max combos on Freestyle. Character RSW-3160
19 Combo Machine_02 Attain 100000 max combos on Freestyle. Character Hyunjung
20 Combo Master Attain 300000 max combos on Freestyle. Character Masai
21 Lord of Combo Attain 500000 max combos on Freestyle. Character Joker
22 Combo Millionaire Attain 999999 max combos on Freestyle. Note Citrine Star
23 10010110 Attain 150 cumulative play counts. Wallpaper Luv Flow (Funky House Mix) .2
24 100101100 Attain 300 cumulative play counts. Effector MAX Random
25 111110100 Attain 500 cumulative play counts. Music Video Waiting for the sun
26 1010111100 Attain 700 cumulative play counts. Music Video NB Ranger : NonStop Remix
27 1111101000 Attain 1000 cumulative play counts. Music Video The Rain Maker
28 5 times! 5 times! Fail a single song 5 times. Character Gambler
29 To the Top Attain DJ Level 50. Pattern Keys to the world WS
30 You are DJ MAX!! Attain DJ level 99. Gear Citrine star