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Album is a pseudo-OST accessible from within Clazziquai Edition that allows playback of unlockable audio tracks of the game's music. The songs' BGAs are also viewable via this mode along with short descriptions of each song.

Unlike the other DJMAX Portable titles, Clazziquai Edition (Limited Edition or otherwise) did not ship a physical OST (quite likely due to licensing issues). When people refer to the "Clazziquai Edition Soundtrack" they're most likely referring to the files/ordering found off the game's UMD, or in other words, in-game Album Mode.

That being said, the list does include quite a few original versions, extended versions and remixes not found anywhere else.


Disc 1 - Clazziquai

No. Title Composer
01 Flea Clazziquai
02 Come to Me Clazziquai
03 Electronics Clazziquai
04 Freedom Clazziquai
05 Creator Clazziquai
06 Love Mode Clazziquai
07 Color Clazziquai
08 The Night Stage Clazziquai
09 Eternity BEXTER
10 Hard to Start 015B
11 Y ND Lee
12 Closer 3rd Coast
13 Touch my Body Cooly's Hot Box
14 Tell Me Soulman & Minos
15 I Want You Lin-G
16 The Clear Blue Sky Tsukasa
17 Melody bermei.inazawa
18 The Last Dance Urbatronic Chopsticks
19 Honeymoon Humming Urban Stereo
20 Oblivion ESTi
21 Sin ESTi
22 Ask to Wind Forte Escape

Disc 2 - Max

No. Title Composer
01 First Kiss BJJ
02 To You Sweetune
03 Lover ND Lee
04 Dark Envy Sugar Donut
05 Motion Cooly's Hot Box
06 Proposed, Flower, Wolf ReX
07 In My Heart Tsukasa
09 Coastal Tempo 3rd Coast
10 No Way 015B
11 Urban Night (Clazziquai Edition) Soulman & Minos
12 Here in the Moment Ruby Tuesday
13 SuperSonic Planetboom
14 Your Own Miracle Ruby Tuesday
15 Taekwonburi xxdbxx
16 Blythe M2U
17 Mutu Garion
18 Every Morning ND Lee
19 Sunny Side CROOVE
20 Memory Of Beach M2U
21 DJMAX Humming Urban Stereo
22 Fate STi

Disc 3 - Special

No. Title Composer
01 First Kiss (Extended Ver.) BJJ
02 Motion (Extended Ver.) Cooly's Hot Box
03 Hard to Start (Extended Ver.) 015B
04 No Way (Extended Ver.) 015B
05 Tell Me (Extended Ver.) Soulman & Minos
06 Coastal Tempo (Extended Ver.) 3rd Coast
07 Touch my Body (Extended Ver.) Cooly's Hot Box
08 Mutu (Extended Ver.) Garion
09 Closer (Extended Ver.) 3rd Coast
10 Elastic Star ~UK Garage Mix~ ESTi
11 Syriana BEXTER
12 Play the Future Urbatronic Chopsticks
13 Landscape Tsukasa
14 Title BGM (Mode) ReX