DJMAX Portable Clazziquai Edition:Collection Mode

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Collection is a gallery of unlocks that have been attained via gameplay. It includes Internet Ranking, Play Data which highlight highest scores for sets and individual songs in Arcade mode, along with Club Tour Emblem, Image, and Movie unlocks attained. A progress bar along the top of the screen displays completion rate, in percentage, of the entire game's unlocks.

Club Tour Emblem

Clazziquai Edition contains 25 unlockable Emblems that provide 4% completion each to this Collection Mode subcategory. The Emblems correspond to the clubs in Club Tour.


Clazziquai contains 100 unlockable images that can be exported as PSP wallpapers. For a full listing, see Category:Clazziquai Edition PSP Wallpapers.


Movie contains 5 unlockable movies:

  • 1. Opening Movie
  • 2. CLAZZIQUAI MUSIC Video ~Robotica~
  • 3. DARK ENVY Making Film
  • 4. Hard to start Making Film
  • 5. Ending Staff Roll