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It is the first instalment of the game on a home console, and serves as a reboot to the series after a hiatus since 2015.
It is the first instalment of the game on a home console, and serves as a reboot to the series after a hiatus since 2015.
On December 2019, Neowiz announced [[DJMAX Respect V]], a PC port of DJMAX Respect with online-focused features.
== Pre-release/Release ==
== Pre-release/Release ==

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RESPECT KR Cover.jpg
Developer(s) Rocky Studio
Neowiz MUCA
Publisher(s) Neowiz Games (KR)
Arc System Works (JP)
Sony Interactive Entertainment (WW)
Director(s) juking
Producer(s) BEXTER
Designer(s) BEXTER
Title Song glory day
by BEXTER, Mycin.T
Platform PlayStation 4
Release July 28, 2017 (KR)
July 28, 2017 (HK)
July 28, 2017 (TW)
July 28, 2017 (SEA)
November 9, 2017 (JP)
March 6, 2018 (NA)
March 6, 2018 (EU)

DJMAX RESPECT is a rhythm music game for the PlayStation 4 developed by Rocky Studio and Neowiz MUCA. It is published by Neowiz Games in South Korea, Arc System Works in Japan, and Sony Interactive Entertainment for worldwide digital release.

It is the first instalment of the game on a home console, and serves as a reboot to the series after a hiatus since 2015.

On December 2019, Neowiz announced DJMAX Respect V, a PC port of DJMAX Respect with online-focused features.


DJMAX RESPECT was announced on May 10, 2016. It was released on July 28, 2017 in Korea and Asia; November 9, 2017 in Japan; and March 6, 2018 in America and Europe. The game received physical and limited edition releases in every region except for America and Europe.


Game Mode

DJMAX RESPECT features six modes on the main menu.

  • ARCADE - Classic game mode where players choose three songs from randomly generated sets of song available, purchased, or yet to be unlocked for Freestyle mode.
  • FREESTYLE - Free play mode where players can choose any song that are unlocked for Freestyle use. Players can play the game solo or play with a friend through local multiplayer - a first in the history of DJMAX.
  • MISSION - The campaign mode where players must complete an objective from a certain sets of songs and added effector. The objective ranges from achieving certain score or combo streak.
  • ONLINE BATTLE - Online multiplayer mode that allows players to compete against each other through the Internet. PlayStation Plus subscription is required to access this feature.
  • RANKING - Players can view their ranking on an online leaderboard. Players are automatically qualified for leaderboard if they are connected to internet where scores are automatically submited.
  • COLLECTION - Players can check and customize their profile, track their statistics, achievements, and view unlockables such as artwork and song BGA.

Features Added

RESPECT gameplay showcasing multiplayer capabilities and classic gear skins.
  • On release, the game included every song from DJMAX Portable and DJMAX Portable 2 (except for Dreadnought, CnP, River Flow, and Ask to Wind (바람에게 부탁해) (Live Mix), all of which except for River Flow were added in later updates). This brings a total of 107 songs from Portable games playable in the game, as well as 40 new original songs for RESPECT.
  • Total number of playable tracks will increase over time as Neowiz planned to release songs from newer DJMAX games as DLCs. DLCs released including DJMAX Trilogy, Metro Project games (Clazziquai Edition, Technika, and Black Square), and Technika 2. Future DLCs releases are yet to be announced.
  • In addition to previous DLCs, DJMAX RESPECT also provides collaboration DLCs with various video game franchises and other collaboration themes. This includes DLCs from Guilty Gear, Girls' Frontline, Brown Dust, PlayStation Korea, and many others.
  • All background animations from previous games have been updated and remastered to support a 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second. Some BGAs are also updated with added special effects (example is Stay With Me).
  • The scoring system has been overhauled to reflect that of DJMAX Technika 2 and DJMAX Technika 3. Each song has a base score of 300,000 points, the maximum score that can be achieved without utilizing the score multiplier derived from the Fever system.
  • 5B and 8B patterns appeared again since DJMAX Portable Black Square.
  • 6BFX pattern has once again been renamed to 8B.
  • DJMAX Respect features Online mode, in which two players can play against one another to aim for the highest scores. Two players can play different chart difficulties of the same song concurrently.
  • In-game achievements have been implemented. The achievement system is used to unlock in-game content such as new songs, interface skins, online profile accessories, and artwork. Most PlayStation Network trophies for the game are tied to this system as well.
  • Speed now increments by 0.25x.
  • New effectors have been added.
  • Fever no longer increases note speed, no more Fever lockdown, and speed can be freely changed while Fever is engaged.
  • Using Auto Fever will not affect score.

Features Removed

  • Characters with modifiers have been removed. Instead, character icons can be purchased as PS4 avatars.
  • Gear modifiers (Max LP, Anti-Break, Shield and extended Fever multipliers) have been removed for online leaderboard score balancing.
  • Remix System introduced in DJMAX Portable 3 has been removed.

Game Tracklist

Main article: DJMAX RESPECT:Tracklist, DJMAX RESPECT:Tracklist#DLC Packs

Up to date, DJMAX RESPECT holds the record for most songs in a single DJMAX games ever. DJMAX RESPECT has almost every song ever appeared in DJMAX's history, starting from the Portable releases to the original RESPECT songs. Although the base game only includes songs up to DJMAX Portable 2, songs from later games are released as DLC.


Dedicated Controller Support

The use of other controller other than Dualshock 4, ranging from USB keyboard adapter to custom-made controllers are debated throughout time. The argument for this matter is that dedicated controllers will give a huge advantage over Dualshock 4 users, especially in Online play. Moreover, the song patterns are designed for Dualshock 4 use which mostly utilizes two thumbs, so using dedicated controller will make the game easier.

Staff Association With Megalia

Controversies regarding feminist website Megalia and its effect on South Korean gaming scene has affected DJMAX RESPECT's development as well. Some DJMAX artists are found to be linked with the radical feminist movement. In regards to the outcry from fans, Neowiz has acted accordingly to the situation. Fans have been mixed on how Neowiz handled the situation. While some fans feel delighted, others expressed their disappointment and requested refund for the game.

One major setback for DJMAX RESPECT is that illustrator SHIHYUN who draws glory day and BlackCat BGA, and the art cover for DJMAX RESPECT are confirmed to a supporter of the movement. Through Twitter, producer BEXTER promised that changes will be made although it takes time. As a result, the art cover was changed and SHIHYUN's credits from the game were removed. Also in subsequent update, a feature to turn off BGA animation is implemented.

Other staffs mentioned or accused in the controversy includes BF., 1000Marie, Sanch, H2SO4, Tiv, and many others. But compared to SHIHYUN's case, they have handled the situation accordingly by clarifying and denying the accusation, so that fans are rest assured. In a weird turn of event, Ache also made some remarks regarding the controversy, but fans have ignored his comments since Ache himself have done some bad deeds for DJMAX's name.

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