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DJMAX REPSECT U fan event.

DJMAX RESPECT U is a live event held by Neowiz Games at the Platform-L Contemporary Art Center in Gangnam, Seoul, on August 26, 2017. It is an event to celebrate DJMAX RESPECT launch where attendees can participate in an offline tournament, watch live music performance, sign-in session, and receive news regarding future DJMAX RESPECT development. DJMAX RESPECT U is the first live event in 10 years since DJMAX Live Miracle.

It is held in association with Sony Interactive Entertainment Korea, and broadcasted worldwide through various video sites.


Attendance to the event is initially reserved to ticket holders, where advance booking is open from August 16 on a basis of first come first serve. When the reservation reached the limit of 200 tickets, however, the reservation page didn't close automatically and reservation details have to be sent manually by the organizer. In addition to advance bookings, tickets can also be bought on the spot at the event venue.


DJMAX RESPECT U was also broadcasted live by Neowiz and Sony Interactive Entertainment Korea. They both streamed the event through their respective Facebook and Youtube pages. In addition, SIE Korea also broadcasted the event through Twitch in association with Inven.

Live Performance

The live broadcast started at 6 PM local time, with the MC Huh Jun. BEXTER opened the event with some forewords.

The live music performance featured singers and rapper featured in DJMAX RESPECT: Lee Ji Ae, Ssong, MuChi, and DyoN Joo.



The tournament is divided into three stages: preliminaries, final, and a boss battle with DJMAX RESPECT developer representative. Four tournament courses are provided, which utilizes all button modes in DJMAX RESPECT.


The preliminary matches are conducted off-camera, before the start of the live broadcast. The preliminaries are only open for the 200 reservation ticket holders, with only 30 people allowed to participate on first come first serve basis. The first and second people with the highest score advance to the finals. Songs used for the preliminaries are the following:

Finals & Boss Battle

The finals and boss battle stage are each intertwined between the live performances. Ten songs are selected to use randomly, and each match will use one song from the pool so that no match will use the same song twice.

The finals will match the first and second winners of preliminaries, where the champion will fight the DJMAX developer representative for the final prize: an NB Ranger dakimakura.


Match Song Used Match Video
Finals Rolling on the Duck HD
Boss Battle SIN ~The Last Scene~ MX
BOSS: juking
WINNER: (Name withheld)

The 4B final match sees a player (name withheld at his request) coming through the finals and fighting DJMAX RESPECT director juking. The player made a mistake by not customizing his gear setting, he instead using Tsuyosa's setting for the 8B boss battle. Initially juking had an advantage, but it was the user that ultimately won the battle.


Match Song Used Match Video
Finals Nightmare MX
Boss Battle HAMSIN MX

This is the only case where the boss wins the battle. The boss' identity is unknown as he wears NB RANGER's NB RED suit and helmet. Despite his role as the boss, NB RED still won the dakimakura but he decided to donate it for the lottery.


Match Song Used Match Video
Finals Mulch MX
Boss Battle Seeker MX
WINNER: Suzuha_kr

After winning the finals, Suzuha_kr fights DJMAX composer GOTH. Just like the finals, Suzuha_kr obliterated GOTH with ease.


Match Song Used Match Video
Finals We're All Gonna Die MX
Boss Battle Don't Die MX
BOSS: 7 Sequence
WINNER: Tsuyosa

Of all the matches, the 8B boss battle is the most exciting one as it cannot be predicted until the latter half of the match. Tsuyosa used a manual Fever and initially left behind 7 Sequence in terms of combo count. But then 7 Sequence breaks his combo and Tsuyosa used the moment to catch up. Eventually, Tsuyosa emerges victorious with a pretty slim margin over 7 Sequence.


In addition of tournaments, MC Huh Jun also conduct quizzes for the attendees. The quiz consists of three different games: guessing a song, multiple choices question, and support question.

Guessing a song

In this section, the participant will have to guess a song from three clips provided as hints. The first clip lasts 0.1 seconds, the second lasts 0.5 seconds, and the third lasts 2 seconds. Despite the short hints provided, four out of five songs are answered on the first hint. This pretty much surprises the MC and the organizers, especially when a minor and old song such as Temptation is guessed correctly.

The songs provided in order of appearance are Temptation, Taekwonburi, Far East Princess, glory day, Heavenly.

Multiple choices question

In this section, the participant will have to choose one out of five choices to answer the question. Below is the list of questions.

A. Which of the following songs is NOT the basic song of DJMAX Respect?

  1. Another Day
  2. YellowBerry
  3. Catch Me
  4. Catch You
  5. RED

The correct answer is Catch You, which is a DJMAX Trilogy song that didn't appear on the basic version of DJMAX RESPECT.

B. Which of the following DJMAX songs have the wrong name matching in the domestic and overseas editions?

  1. 설레임 - Heartbeat
  2. 태권부리 - Taekwonburi
  3. One The Love - Wonder Love
  4. 아침형 인간 - Morning Person
  5. 바람에게 부탁해 - Ask to Wind

The correct answer is 아침형 인간 - Morning Person. Every Morning is the actual English title.

C. Which of the following DJMAX Portable series has the highest number of playable songs?

  1. DJMAX Portable
  2. DJMAX Portable 2
  3. DJMAX Portable Clazzquai Edition
  4. DJMAX Portable Black Square
  5. DJMAX Portable 3

The correct answer is DJMAX Portable 2. The total playable songs in order are 55 songs, 61 songs, 48 songs, 49 songs, and 40 songs.

Support question

In this section, the participant will simply have to answer a question.

A. At what date did NB RED win in the Virgin Force BGA?

  • July 7th

B. What is the name of the girl who was praying in front of the cemetery during the glory day BGA?

  • Play

C. What is the name of Sony Interactive Entertainment Korea representative?

  • Ando Tetsuya

Lottery Drawing

Attendees are eligible for lottery drawing with prizes ranging from DJMAX Portable 2 Limited Edition OST, Playstation VR + camera package, PlayStation 4 Pro, and an NB RANGER dakimakura donated by the developer who wore NB RED suit and won the boss battle. The lottery is drawn by Sony Interactive Entertainment Korea representative Ando Tetsuya.