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DJMAX Respect V.jpg
Developer(s) Rocky Studio
Neowiz MUCA
Publisher(s) Neowiz Games
Director(s) juking
Producer(s) BEXTER
Designer(s) BEXTER
Title Song Boom!
Platform Microsoft Windows
Release December 19, 2019 (Steam Early Access)
Q1 2020 (Launch)

DJMAX RESPECT V is a rhythm music game developed by Rocky Studio and Neowiz MUCA. It is published by Neowiz Games worldwide. The V on the name RESPECT V means "Versus." The game is built on Unity 3D game engine.

DJMAX RESPECT V serves as a port to the original DJMAX RESPECT for Microsoft Windows and sold exclusively on Steam, with brand new content and added features. The game is currently on Steam Early Access with a planned release in the first quarter of 2020.


DJMAX RESPECT V launched on December 19th, 2019 on Steam Early Access. Neowiz planned a full release on Q1 2020, citing using Steam Early Access as a platform to gather feedback from players and test new features.


Game Mode

DJMAX RESPECT V is basically the same as DJMAX RESPECT on PS4. It has all the same modes and features from PS4; but currently, only FREESTYLE, COLLECTION, and RANKING modes are accessible on Early Access.

DJMAX RESPECT V, as the initial implies, will feature several online-focused modes such as AIR Mode where players can read and write messages to each other while playing the game. Players can choose from three different channels differentiated by the current song's difficulty. They then interact asynchronously using the provided messaging feature that acts like Nico Nico Douga comment system.

ONLINE Mode is expanded into two types of matches: LADDER match and OPEN match. LADDER match is a competitive multiplayer mode where two players compete against each other. Players are able to gain or lose rank, compete in ranking and seasonal matches, and also use pick/ban feature. Meanwhile, OPEN match is a 7-player PVP match where each player must obtain the highest score as possible.

Game Tracklist

On launch, DJMAX RESPECT V will feature original songs from DJMAX RESPECT, DJMAX Portable, and DJMAX Portable 2, as well as some free songs included in previous title updates. Some of these songs will receive brand new SC charts designed to be played with a keyboard.

On top of that, DJMAX RESPECT V will also feature brand new original RESPECT V songs and licensed tracks that will be gradually added during Early Access. The original RESPECT V tracks will be composed by DJMAX veterans such as BEXTER, ND Lee, Paul Bazooka, Makou, and others. Meanwhile, the licensed tracks feature prominent musicians from South Korea and USA; such as Yukika's NEON remix, Marshmello's Alone, and Porter Robinson's Sad Machine and Ghost Voices. In addition, Neowiz secured a collaboration with Riot Games' League of Legends to feature songs from the acclaimed MOBA game series. Songs like Get Jinxed and KD/A's POP/STARS will be included in DJMAX RESPECT V. NoCopyrightSounds' catalogs of music are also available with songs like So Happy, Kingdom, and Bleed available to play.


DJMAX RESPECT V features XIGNCODE3 anti-piracy and cheat system, on top of Steam's own DRM system. Players expressed disappointment because XIGNCODE3 is known to online gamers as a harmful rootkit that reads and installs files to the PC system without permission.

Because of that, the game requires online verification to run and will refuse to run if it detected anomalies. On top of that, the chart files for every songs are streamed online which makes DJMAX RESPECT V unplayable offline. Players soon fearing the game will become unplayable in the future when Neowiz decided to pull their support for DJMAX RESPECT V.