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DJMAX ROCK Tunes.jpg

DJMAX ROCK Tunes is one of five digital albums released on October 15th, in conjunction/celebration of the release of Portable 3. Each of these albums contain the tunes from Portable 3 and Technika 2 OSTs of a specific genre, along with a single exclusive track, denoted here with (**).


Title Composer Length Listen
01 Raise Me Up Planetboom 4:25
02 Break! Mr.Funky 1:55
03 Love Is Beautiful Electronic Boutique 2:12
04 Leave Me Alone NieN 2:02
05 Become Myself PIA 3:49
06 If Vanilla Unity 4:45
07 The Guilty P'sycho Remi 1:39
08 Keys To The World Planetboom 3:36
09 Burn It Down P'sycho Remi 1:49
10 ** Raise Me Up (Acoustic Mix) Miya 4:11 [Here]
Total length 30:23

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