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DJMAX Technika 2 (Korean: 디제이맥스 테크니카 2; abbr.: DMT2) is an arcade music game published and developed by Pentavision in South Korea. This is a sequel to DJMAX Technika. Both Korea and International version will be handled by Pentavision and Pentavision Global Division respectively. Location Test started at 23 April 2010 in Isu Theme Park and officially launched on July 13th 2010 for Korea and October 7th 2010 for International, Japan started Location Test on February 17th 2012 and officially launch on September 27th 2012. A sequel to the game, DJMAX Technika 3 was announced on 7 September 2011.

Technika 2 sports the tagline "Crew Race".

Game Tracklist

Main article: DJMAX Technika 2:Tracklist

Technika 2 presents a much enlarged songlist compared to Technika. The current playable tracklist contains 23 new songs (that debuted with Technika 2), 12 Revivals from previous DJMAX games (non-Technika) and the majority of the original Technika tracklist. Several songs were removed vs. the original Technika tracklist.


Game Mode

Technika 2 offers 5 gameplay types:

Duo Mixing

New mode introduced in Technika 2, this is a Co-Op mode which can be played by 2 players. The screen is split in half, and each side has a different chart, which plays . Fever is disabled in this mode, and a generic Duo Mixing BGA replaces the usual song BGAs.

Star Mixing

Also known as Lite Mixing in Technika, Fever is disabled in Star Mixing and instead, replaced with Guide mode which will show a finger to guide you along.

Pop Mixing

Main article: DJMAX Technika 2:Pop Mixing

Also known as Popular Mixing in Technika, 3 stages per credit and at least 27 songs available in each stage, excluding Max Point Shop unlocks.

Club Mixing

Main article: DJMAX Technika 2:Club Mixing

Club Mixing in Technika 2 is basically Technical Mixing in Technika with the addition of "Non-Stop Remix" Club Mixing which consists of 1 song that lasts as long as 2 average song length. (Technikally less playtime for your money, but these are -fun-)

Crew Race

New game mode introduced in Technika 2, this is similar to Club Tour in Clazziquai/BlackSquare. All DJ can form/join a Crew and compete against other Crews, Fever is disabled in this mode.

Crew Race is currently available in Korean & International Platinum Crew.

You are not able to play Crew Race if the machine is offline, instead it will be replaced by Computer DJ which you can compete against.

How to form a Crew

It costs 10,000 Max Points to form a Crew, each Crew can holds up to 10 players.

Invitation to the Crew can only be done by the Crew Leader under "Crew Race -> Crew Leader Setting -> Invite" in Platinum Crew, this invite lasts for a week.

  • As of 30 Dec, the email and password field to dissolve the crew is limited to 20 characters, meaning that you cannot dissolve your crew if your login email and/or password is longer than that.

Crew Emblem

Only Crew Leader can buy/replace Emblems and Plates for the Crew.

This can be done under "Crew Race -> Crew Leader Setting -> Crew Setting" in Platinum Crew.

If the Leader delegate to other player, Emblems and Plates will be transferred too.

Playing / Registering Crew Course

Anyone in the Crew can register the course according to their records. These records will be available in Crew Race mode under Member Match menu.

Representative Course will be decide by the Crew Leader, the chosen will be registered in the Crew Match menu in the following Tuesday. Also, these course will also reset every Tuesday.

If you managed to clear the course in Crew Match, you will get 1,200 Max Points and 25 Crew Points.

Crew Points will be accumulated after each play and the Crew will move higher up into the league, this will results in better rewards.

You can register a course by: (You need to have a record of the song within a week) - Crew Race -> Crew Race Register - Pick the 3 desired songs for the course. (Only songs with a record will be shown in here) - You cannot change the song once you registered the course.

What Change/New in Technika2

Repeat Holding Note

New note introduced in Technika2, allowing more variations to the chart. Technikally speaking, it's basically a mix of Repeat Note and Holding Note.


Score System

Main article: DJMAX Technika 2:Scoring System

Technika 2 uses a much more logical, normalized score system for both individual songs and Club Mixing sets. The most important difference vs Technika is that all songs have a standardized maximum possible score of 300,000 (similar to beatmania IIDX's 200,000), and maximizing Club Mixing scores/ranking requires play of all songs in a Club Mixing set.


Fever from the Portable series have been introduced in Technika2 as well! However, it does not work the same as the Portable version.

It is located at where "BGM Boost" used to be in Technika.

Fever gauge will be line that splits the top and bottom frame. Assume there is a Fever Value(FV), where FV=1 means the Fever gauge is fully filled. FV will increase by 8/(total notes) every time you hit a MAX, and will decrease by half every time you MISS or BREAK. In other words, Fever gauge fills up after you MAXimize 1/8 of total notes with no MISS or BREAK.

When Fever is activated, all notes will have a reddish aura around it and all Rainbow MAX/Green MAX/COOL will be shown as Gold MAX. A Fever can last 10 seconds.

Score-wise, Fever adds 1 point to every Non-Rainbow MAX you played during the Fever period, and 5 points to every COOL. This will be reflected under Fever Bonus in the result screen. Technikally, Fever is meant to help you maximise your score during some hard part of the chart, converting Green MAX to a Rainbow MAX (Since the score difference between both MAX is 1 point).

When Fever is on, HP recovery speed will increase.

However, fever does not influence the judgement. For example, you can see ALL MAX when you play but not Perfect Play because you get a COOL when FEVER is on. COOL only shown as Gold MAX. You get score as same as you don't activate FEVER.

Platinum Crew

Platinum Crew Service Site

International Platinum Crew Portal

International Technika 2 Platinum Crew

Korea Technika 2 Platinum Crew

Platinum Crew Card

You need a new Technika2 card to use Platinum Crew service, Technika1 is not usable due to different card system.

Each Technika2 card comes with 5,000 Max Points. Signature Collection cards will have 20,000 Max Points instead.

Unlike Technika1, it's not required to play on an online machine before you can register your card.

You cannot use your card if Technika2 machine is offline as the Insert Card screen will be skipped automatically.

Max Point Shop

Main article: DJMAX Technika 2:Max Point Shop

Through the Max Point Shop (MPS), you can use your Max Points earned in Technika 2 to purchase DJ Icons, DJ Plates, DJ Patterns, Note Skins and more importantly, access to future Songs/Disc Sets. All purchases are permanent unlocks.

Signature Collection

Main article - DJMAX Technika 2:Signature Collection

DJMAX Technika 2:OST

Platinum Crew Event

Max Boost Event - All Star, Pop & Club Mixing Mode Maxpoint gain increased by 30%, Crew Race Mode increase Maxpoint. (22 March 2011 - 05 April 2011)

Social Network Service (SNS) Link Service - Twitter & Facebook integration

Max Point Shop "Spring Sales Event" - 30% Discount off all Music & DJ Icons (12 April 2011 - 25 April 2011)

Max Point Shop "Spring Sales Event" - 30% Discount off all Set & DJ Patterns, DJ Plates, Notes (26 April 2011 - 10 May 2011)

Bug Play

Refer to Glitch Play (DJMAX Technika) for more details. Credits to Kokoban for animated demonstration