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Technika 2 uses a much more logical, normalized score system for both individual songs and Club Mixing sets. The most important difference vs Technika is that all songs have a standardized maximum possible score of 300,000 (similar to beatmania IIDX's 200,000), and maximizing Club Mixing scores/ranking requires play of all songs in a Club Mixing set.

Song Scoring System

Of 300,000 for all charts. They are broken down into 2 sections - 290,000 + 10,000

1st Part: 290,000

Rainbow MAX!! = 290,000/No. of Notes

Green MAX!! = Rainbow MAX!! - 1

COOL = 70% of Rainbow MAX!!

GOOD = 40% of Rainbow MAX!!

MISS = 0


Note: Hold note is considered as 1 note now, the only thing it retain is the combo it gives

A Rainbow Perfect Play will net you 290,000 in other words.

2nd Part: 10,000

The last 10,000 is Combo Bonus, basically the more notes you do not miss/break will increase this section.

All Combo = 9,800

Perfect Play = 10,000

Fever Bonus

While Fever is active, each non-Rainbow MAX will gives you an additional 1 point and will be shown under "Fever Bonus" in the result screen.

Club Mix Scoring System

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4-Stages Club Set

As each song score have been standardized to 300,000, the same applies to Club Set. A normal Club Set (4 Stages) will have a maximum score of 1,200,000 (4 X 300,000) shown on the result screen at the end of the play.

Score shown below each disc image reflects the first section of the score breakdown (290,000) for each song, the second section of the score (10,000) will be total up and reflected in Combo Bonus.

In Platinum Crew Ranking Board, All the 8 songs in the Club Set will be recorded and sum up to the maximum score of 2,400,000 (8 X 300,000).

Non-Stop Remix Club Set

As not all Non-Stop Remix Set have the same amount of difficulty chart, the maximum score for each Set will be determined by the amount of charts available, each Non-Stop Remix chart will have maximum score of 1,200,000.

The same rule as Normal Club Set applies to Non-stop Remix Set in Platinum Crew Ranking Board.