DJMAX Technika 3:18th MPS Update

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18th update.jpg

Max Point


Heartbeat Part 2 MX

Dream Again MX

DJ Icons

T3 Icon Emblem 5.png T3 Icon Feelmabeat 1.png T3 Icon Nowanewday 8.png T3 Icon Angel 6.png T3 Icon Xeus 5.png T3 Icon Ghost 3.png

T3 Icon Darkprism 6.png T3 Icon Blackswan 6.png T3 Icon Egg 4.png T3 Icon Inthetdot 5.png T3 Icon You&me 4.png

DJ Pattern

T3 Pattern Black Swan 5.png T3 Pattern Darkprism 4.png T3 Pattern Dreamagain 2.png T3 Pattern EGG 2.png T3 Pattern Fallin In Luv 10.png T3 Pattern Feelmabeat 1.png T3 Pattern In The Tdot 4.png T3 Pattern Nowanewday 5.png T3 Pattern Watchyourstep 2.png T3 Pattern Xeus 3.png T3 Pattern You&me 5.png

DJ Plate

T3 Plate Rainbow.png T3 Plate Curtain.png T3 Plate Raindrop.png T3 Plate Board.png T3 Plate Stonewall.png T3 Plate Carpet.png T3 Plate Stain.png

Note Skin

Crew Max Point


Songs purchased under this section are available to all members of the crew for the week.

Bamboo on Bamboo MX

Black Swan MX


Over the Rainbow MX

Supernova HD

Club Set

T3 CM Fatality.png

Fatality Set (Maniac Performance)

Other Updates

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