DJMAX Technika 3:6th MPS Update

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T3 Update 6th.jpg

Max Point


Become Myself NM



Just for Today NM

Mellow D Fantasy NM

Everything NM

Chemical Slave NM

Black Swan HD

DJ Icons

T3 Icon Seoleimpt2 3.png T3 Icon Seoleimpt2 4.png T3 Icon Alifewithyou 1.png T3 Icon Angel 3.png T3 Icon Angel 4.png T3 Icon Angel 5.png

T3 Icon Blackswan 3.png T3 Icon Darkprism 2.png T3 Icon Dreamagain 1.png T3 Icon Dreamagain 2.png T3 Icon Egg 2.png T3 Icon Emblem 2.png

T3 Icon Fallinginluv 6.png T3 Icon Giveme5 2.png T3 Icon Inthetdot 2.png T3 Icon Kungfurider 1.png T3 Icon Nowanewday 3.png T3 Icon Overtherainbow 2.png

T3 Icon Supernova 1.png T3 Icon You&me 1.png

DJ Pattern

T3 Pattern Seoleimpt2.pngT3 Pattern Creator.pngT3 Pattern Desperado 1.pngT3 Pattern Desperado 2.png

T3 Pattern Emblem.pngT3 Pattern Fallin In Luv 1.pngT3 Pattern Fallin In Luv 2.pngT3 Pattern Fallin In Luv 3.png

T3 Pattern Fallin In Luv 4.pngT3 Pattern Fate 1.pngT3 Pattern Fate 2.pngT3 Pattern First Kiss 1.png

T3 Pattern First Kiss 2.pngT3 Pattern Give Me 5.pngT3 Pattern In The Tdot 1.pngT3 Pattern In The Tdot 2.png

T3 Pattern In The Tdot 3.pngT3 Pattern Just For Today.pngT3 Pattern My Heart My Soul.pngT3 Pattern Now A New Day.png

T3 Pattern Out Of CTRL.pngT3 Pattern Victim Of Love.png

DJ Plate

T3 Pattern Bottom Light Brown.pngT3 Pattern Report.pngT3 Plate Rusty Tin.pngT3 Plate Rhombus.png

T3 Pattern Mat.pngT3 Plate Grass.pngT3 Plate Centerline.pngT3 Plate Jeans 1.png

T3 Plate Jeans 2.pngT3 Plate Brass.png

Crew Max Point


Songs purchased under this section are available to all members of the crew for the week.


Mellow D Fantasy HD

Everything HD

Chemical Slave HD

Luv Is True HD

In The Tdot MX

A life with you MX

Disc Set

Detonate Set

Other Updates

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