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Crew Race is the same as it was in Technika 2, with the exception of how crew courses are made.

How Crew Race Works

At the end of each weekly period (which starts and ends roughly Monday, 5:40 PM Pacific), the top 90 Crews with the most Crew Experience accumulated throughout the week will be placed in the Crew Race. For the purposes of this explanation, this is the Crew's "Finishing Position". The Crew's Finishing Position gives its members a one time Max Point bonus every week just for logging in, along with a small boost in Max Point and Crew Max Point rewards for every Crew Match its members take part in. The higher a Crew finishes, the higher these bonuses are.

The Crew's Finishing Position also determines where the Crew will appear on the roster for Crew Matches. If the Crew's leader/sub leader(s) did not choose a Representative Course, the Crew will forfeit their position in the Crew Match roster and the Crews below will move up one rank, enabling the 91st Crew to make an appearance, and so on. The Crew does not forfeit their Finishing Position, though.

Creating a Crew Race Course

Every member in the Crew is eligible to create a course. Courses are created from your plays in Pop Mode. Every stage you play in Pop Mode is recorded in the server, like how a racing game records your performance to a ghost. Unlike Technika 2, you can not take separate songs from different Pop plays and create your own set. You can only select from the sets of stages that you've played in Pop Mode within the current weekly period. If you want to create a specific course arrangement, you have to play in that specific order in one Pop session. This also means if you made a good score in an earlier stage, but you fail your second or third stage, you will lose your good score because you did not complete a set of three in one session.

It is often speculated and agreed that the change in the method of creating courses is to make Full Combo and Perfect Play courses more difficult to create. With this method, the player will have to Full Combo/Perfect Play all three songs in the same Pop session, instead of just Full Combo/Perfect Playing three songs whenever throughout the weekly period and just choosing the three stages to create a set.

To submit a course, log in to the Technika 3 website and click on "CREW RACE Registration", underneath the Crew Race category. On that page, you will see all the Pop sessions that you have played through. When you click one of these sets, you will see details of that set: The scores you created and any modifiers that you have used. If you are okay with the set, click on "Crew Race course Registration" to submit the course.

Take note! Once you submit your course, you can not change it! It is suggested that you choose your course at the end of the week or when you are sure you do not plan to play more Technika for the rest of the weekly period.

This course will be available to play in Member Match once the weekly period ends. If the course is designated as the Representative Course, it will also appear in Crew Match to represent the crew.

Setting the Representative Course

Anytime before the weekly period ends, the Crew's leader/sub leader(s) can designate a Representative Course from what has been submitted by the Crew's members. This course will appear to represent the Crew if it achieves a high enough Finishing Position to appear on the Crew Race roster.

To designate a Representative Course, log in to the Technika 3 website and click on CREW Leader Management, under the Crew Race category. (Obviously, this will not appear if you are not the Crew's leader or sub leader.) You will see a list of your members and their submitted course, if one has been submitted. You will see a red "Select Representative Course" next to any member that has a submitted course. Click the one next to the member's course that you want to designate. The website will confirm that the Representative Course has been set.

Unlike submitting your Crew Race course, you can undo the Representative designation as many times as you wish.

Offline Crew Race

These are the Crew Race Course available if the machine is offline. Songs in italics are only playable in Crew Race when offline, as they can only be unlocked through the Max Point Shop.

S/N Course Title Song 1 Song 2 Song 3
1. enTRANCE Access NM Oblivion NM Play the Future NM
2. 8thPTVSion My Heart My Soul NM Ooh La La NM In the Tdot HD
3. Area19222 Area 7 NM Puzzler NM Nova (Mr.Funky Mix) NM
4. TECHNIKara Pretty Girl NM Lupin NM Mister NM
5. HelloTCHK Break NM Hexad NM A.I. NM
6. soGogiFriend In my Heart NM Miles NM Now a NEW Day NM
7. TomTomDown Put Em Up NM STOP NM Burn It Down NM
8. SoundSonic Lovely Hands NM Supersonic HD Keys to the World NM
9. imagECOre Masai NM Funky People NM Kungfu Rider NM
10. Arigatto STEP HD Brand New Days HD SigNalize NM
11. KIMYStory Zet (Mr.Funky Mix) NM Landscape HD AD2222 NM
12. SingSingCrew La Capanella NM Piano Concerto No.1 NM Black Swan NM
13. Necromancer Dream Again HD Break! HD Give me 5 HD
14. ArmstrongKid Kungfu Rider NM You Should Get Over Me HD Now a NEW Day HD
15. Prestonia Give me 5 NM Sin HD Son of Sun HD
16. YCXcrew Watch Your Step HD Thor NM Colors of Sorrow NM
17. jukingMUSTdie Kungfu Rider HD Brand New Days MX Forever HD
18. Pentavision Son of Sun NM Ooh La La HD Space of Soul HD
19. Pnn13DJs Enemy Storm MX Dual Strikers NM Raise me up HD
20. Function8 The Rain Maker NM Cherokee NM White Blue NM

Crew Race Rewards

Credits to rope for providing this information

Finishing Position Weekly Bonus Win Lose
Crew Max Points Max Points Crew Max Points Max Points
1st 2500 58 1560 45 1170
2nd 56 1500 43 1125
3rd 54 1440 42 1080
4th~10th 53 1415 41 1062
11th~20th 52 1392 40 1044
21st~30th 51 1368 39 1026
31st~40th 2000 50 1344 38 1008
41st~50th 49 1320 38 990
51st~60th 48 1296 37 972
61st~70th 1500 47 1271 37 953
71st~80th 46 1248 36 936
81st~90th 45 1224 35 918
<90th 0 45 1200 35 900