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DJMax Technika Tune (Preliminary Picture from play-asia).

Basic Info

  • Developer : Pentavision
  • Releaser : Neowiz Mobile (KR) Cyberfront (JP)
  • Release Date: 2012/09/20(KR) 2012/09/27(JP)
  • Title Song:The MAX/NDLee
  • Platform : Playstation Vita

Game System

Gameplay Types

The game offer 4 gameplay types:

  • Star Mixing - Like Technika 2's same gameplay type. Holding Long Note and Chain Note won't appear in this mode.
  • Pop Mixing - Using 3-Line Pattern. And it offers 2 type of control. You can hit the Holding Long Note and Chain Note like this in Arcade Version. or hit it using the rear touch pad(anywhere is okay).
  • Club Mixing - The player can select 3 songs from a disk set. The last song to be played is determined by the previous 3 songs.
  • Free Style - Like any previous DJMAX games. You can play all the songs by the way you want.

Collection Mode

OST and M/V mode returned. It is announced that will have 280 items to collect in game.


The game have Online Ranking System through the PlayStation Network. Also you can bind Your Facebook account that you can put your record to it anytime.


It is announced that the game will have 67 tracks at it releases contains 13 Completely new tracks. And more songs from previous DJMAX games will be appended by DLC.

New songs introduced


Title Genre BPM Artist Vocalist Visualizer
Back To Life Western House CROOVE JC, CROOVE DumpingLife
RENOVATION Melodic Trance XeoN wony, ENTIA J
Shining My Boy Ani Pop 133 AstroKid JeungEun Lee young-in, Latte
Silent Clarity Artcore 180 Tsukasa Aki Misawa
Take on Me House Dance 128 Cuve Jeannie
The MAX ND Lee ND Lee
(Unknown) [1] Tiv

Songs from Previous DJMAX Games


Title Genre Artist First Appears
Angel Euro Dance Laurent Newfield & Ravenant Technika 3
Bamboo on Bamboo Gabba Sampling Masters MEGA Technika 3
Black Swan Electronic Waltz TAK Technika 3
Brand NEW Days Pop Rock Planetboom Portable 2
Cosmic Fantastic Lovesong Ani Pop DINY Technika 2
Cozy Quilt Jazz House bermei.inazawa Technika 2
Dark Prism Melodic Trance Tsukasa Technika 3
Dual Strikers Techno Trance 7 Sequence Technika 2
End of the Moonlight Techno Pop Forte Escape DJMAX Online
EGG Light Pop Nauts Technika 3
Fallen Angel Modern Rock DJ Mocha Portable 2
Feel Ma Beat Rap Metal NieN Technika 3
First Kiss Dance Pop BJJ Clazziquai Edition
Get On Top P-Funk Planetboom Portable 2
Ghost Fusion Hiphop STi Technika 3
설레임 Part 2 (HeartBeat Part.2) Cute Pop ND Lee Technika 3
Hello Pinky Hi-Fi Pop NieN DJMAX Online
I want You House Dance Lin-G Black Square
In the Tdot Hip-Hop Mr.Thoro Technika 3
Jumping K-Pop KARA Technika 3
Kung-Fu Rider Oriental Funk AstroKid Technika 3
Ladymade Star Space Idol Pop ESTi Portable 2
Light House Happy Core xxdbxx Portable 1
Mister K-Pop KARA Technika 3
Mozart Symphony No.40 Classic Remix Kim ChangHoon DJMAX Online
Never Say Jungle Pop ND Lee Portable 1
OBLIVION (Rockin' Night Style) ROCK ESTi Portable 1
Out of CTRL Drum & Bass Mr.Funky Technika 3
Piano Concerto No.1 Classic Remix WavFactory DJMAX Online
Proposed, Flower, Wolf Piano Ballad ReX Clazziquai Edition
Proposed, Flower, Wolf Part 2 Violin Trance ReX Black Square
Remember K-POP Lin-G Black Square
RockSTAR Electro House Mr.Funky Tapsonic
Ruti'n Urban POP BEXTER Black Square
SigNalize Electro Trance Paul Bazooka Technika 3
Son of Sun Gabber Hosoe Shinji Black Square
STEP K-Pop KARA Technika 3
SuperNova Rave cranky Technika 3
Thor Melodic Trance XeoN Technika 1
Trip Dance Pop NieN Technika 2
You & Me K-Pop NieN Technika 3
You Should Get Over Me 90's Rock Jessica Wolff Technika 3

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