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DJMAX Trilogy.

DJMAX Trilogy (Korean: 디제이맥스 트릴로지, DM TR) is a music game for the PC released on December 25, 2008. DJMAX Trilogy contains tracks from DJMAX Online, DJMAX Portable, and DJMAX Portable 2, alongside quite a few new originals and 9 tracks from DJMAX Portable 2 OST's Bonus/Remix CD incorporated as playable tunes. A series of patches released by Pentavision have also added tracks from DJMAX Portable Clazziquai Edition and DJMAX Portable Black Square. It is currently on version 1.29.

Trilogy sports the tagline "Over the Maximum".

Game Tracklist

See DJMAX Trilogy:Tracklist for a list of playable music.


  • Every button type from 4Keys to 8Keys.
  • USB anti-piracy mechanism: The game ships with a special USB key that records scores and progress. It is required to run the game. It also serves as a profile key to carry DJ info (level, songs, unlocks, etc) across different PCs with DJMAX Trilogy installed, somewhat similar in functionality to Technika IC Cards.
  • ECS note: Similar to DJMAX Portable Black Square, special notes that are different in colour will often appear. Missing these notes will cause the background music to stop until another special note is hit.
  • Slightly different Fever system: When Fever is used, a clear gauge appears on the Fever bar, showing how much Fever remains. The gauge decreases depending on the accuracy of the notes hit, and decreases severely if a note is hit inaccurately or missed. This detaches Fever from the time-based decay in the Portable series and places more importance on accuracy.
  • Key Assist (auto-correct) feature is present as in DJMAX Portable Black Square, but can now be disabled as of 1.28 and beyond.

DJMAX Trilogy:Notes

Stage Mode

Mission Mode

DJMAX Trilogy Mission Mode - Mission List

Mission Mode is a game mode where you play set courses of songs with certain requirements you have to meet. You can unlock songs, OST Tracks, Videos, Characters, Notes and Gears through this mode.

Free Mode


Trilogy's Network servers were taken down along with the shutdown of the Technika servers on December 31, 2013.

Trilogy online playing differs from the original DJMAX Online play, consisting only of a 1 vs 1 DJ Battle. While there can be 8 players in the room, the additional 6 only spectate the battle.

One player is always Champion and the second player is Challenger.Only Challenger gets to pick a song, and Champion has to deal with the song Challenger chooses. Whoever wins becomes the new Champion, and the loser drops to the end of the spectator line.

  • "X wins" awards are done by staying Champion for consecutive rounds.
  • Song Unlocks affect the songlist even in Network Mode. The Challenger can only pick songs he has unlocked.


After the game was out GAMMAC created with Pentavision, a special controller to the game called DJMAX MUSE-ON. MUSE-ON looks like a Beatmania IIDX controller with one extra button, and 2 trackballs to navigate Trilogy menus. When the game is played with MUSE-ON, two special control methods are opened, C1 and C2. C1 uses turntable of the controller as one of the game buttons and FEVER is set to a normal button. C2 uses turntable as FEVER trigger and normal buttons as the game buttons.

  • a Pedal addon to the controller is included in Special Edition Package of the controller, or it can be purchased from GAMMAC website. It can be used as one input for FEVER or normal gameplay input.
  • Using C1 control mode makes the leftmost notebar show red and wider notes, like in IIDX. Also rearranges white and blue colors of the notes to correspond the controller upper / lower row.
  • Note that the charts were planned to be used on keyboard / C2 mode, so turntable notes aren't arranged specially, but rather are just normal leftmost notes of the keyboard / C2 chart. This results in unprofessional notecharts and unlogical use of turntable (ie. Bass kick notes or piano for turntable)


Main article: DJMAX Trilogy:Patches

DJMAX Trilogy, while being a retail off-the-shelf game playable completely offline, retains a launcher/patch functionality originally used by Korean MMO games (and later on western games like World of Warcraft and BF:BC2, Steam, etc) and has auto-patch functionality. One of the earliest patches enabled Key Assist (auto-correct) feature (Contrary to popular belief it did not ship with the original game) and the latest patches have added new song content while making Key Assist an option instead of mandatory.

The USB Profile Key is not backwards compatible across certain patches.

Limited Edition Pack

A limited edition of DJMAX Trilogy named the Pulsar Edition was available at launch. Along with the game, the soundtrack, the USB Profile Key, and postcards (with the game's characters), it also contained a calendar, a mug, and a playing card set.


Main article: DJMAX Trilogy:OST

Unlike most other DJMAX titles, Trilogy's OST was shipped with the game (not with just the LE sets). It contains 2 CDs - A game cut CD (T-side), and a Forte Escape remix special CD (R-side) that also includes minus-1 (karaoke/vocal-off) and acapella (vocal-only) tracks.

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