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Version Release date Content Updates
1.29 02 Sep 2010 Problem on BGM of Remember is not sync has been fixed.
Fixed a bug that a specific pattern of Y comes out a lower rank in the music selection.
Fixed a crash for English language setting after 1.28 patch.
Fixed a crash that additional songs is chosen in the Network Mode.
Fixed a bug that track and buttons do not match for special controller.
1.28 31 Aug 2010 3 New Songs Added:
The songs will be unlocked in stage 1/2/4 of the Stage Mode for certain conditions.

New Speed Effectors are added.
The added speed are x6 / x7 / x8 / x9 / x10 / x12 / x15 / x99.

Key Assist (auto-correct) feature is added.
This option is available in Option -> Key Setting -> Key Assist
1.27 10 Jun 2010 Fixed a bug that KEY MODE for MISSION 78 and 79 in mission selection changes.
Select songs on screen, and the results were recorded as non-numerical values are initialized.
Fixed a typo for the new update songs.
1.26 05 Jun 2010 Fixed a bug that song information and BGA in extra stage did not came out.
Fixed a wrong display of highest score and combo in the song selection and result screen.
Fixed a bug that wrong ranking image is displayed.
1.25 04 Jun 2010 Fixed a bug that blue screen is displayed for the eyecatches of Son of Sun.
1.24 04 Jun 2010 5 New Songs Added:
First Kiss
I Want You
Son of Sun
Sweet Shining Shooting Star
First Kiss will be unlocked after 1.24 patch.
The other new songs will be unlocked for certain conditions.
One new song will be appeared in stage 1/2/3 of the Stage Mode.
Two new songs will be appeared in stage 4 of the Stage Mode.

Other information of old versions may be added in the future...