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DJ Clazzi.

Kim Sunghoon better known as DJ Clazzi, is a South Korean DJ, music composer, producer, singer, and lyricist. He is best known as the leader of Clazziquai Project.

When DJ Clazzi graduated from Capilano College and Centre for Digital Imaging and Sound, he worked as a web designer while uploading his music on his spare time. As his music went viral around the year 2001, he attracted lots of interest. Helped by his acquaintances back in Canada, siblings Alex and Christina Chu, who filled in some vocals, DJ Clazzi released three short experimental albums: gray, red, and retro.

At a later time, Christina left the project due to her work in Canada. To fill her spot, Horan is chosen to join the group, which become the final Clazziquai Project lineup. Despite not joining the group, Christina still participated in Clazziquai's future music releases.

DJ Clazzi's musical style is best described as electronica or electro. Despite that, his musics in Clazziquai Project clearly displayed other influences from acid jazz to house. When asked to define his music genre in an interview, he stated, "I, as a maker of this music, find it hard to tell which genre it is," and that "it should be for the listener to decide." Aside from producing songs, occasionally he also lent his voice, although it is heavily autotuned.

Outside of Clazziquai Project, DJ Clazzi also ventured on personal project, which better reflects his electronica side of song writing. He released his first album, Infant, in 2012. DJ Clazzi collaborated with Clazziquai's guest vocalists Christina and Yi Sung Yol; as well as other musicians such as Seulong from 2AM, Whale from W&Whale, Cho Hyuna from Urban Zakapa, and many others.


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