Don't Die

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Don't Die
Don't Die RespectVunlock2.jpg
First Appearance DJMAX RESPECT
Composer(s) Paul Bazooka
Arranger(s) N/A
Vocal(s) N/A
Lyrics N/A
Genre Drum'n Bass
BPM 175
Length 2:08
YouTube-play-button.png Youtube BGA

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Game Appearances

Soundtrack Appearances

  • DJMAX RESPECT Original Soundtrack




  • In an interview, Paul Bazooka mentioned few years ago before he got request from DJMAX, there was a fan who added him as friend in SNS and liked on many of his posts. One day, the fan seemed not show up anymore, so Paul went to his page and found out he ended his life owing to pessimism on his school grades. After that, Paul wondered what could do for those people, what kind of things could give those unfortunate people some comfort. Then he made the song named "Don't Die". He hopes through this fun, happy song to carry out a meaning that one could step forward for better future. And wishes those unfortunate incident would never occur again.