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== Game Appearances ==
== Game Appearances ==
* [[DJMAX Technika 3]]
* [[DJMAX Technika 3]]
(All songs included in Technika are also in Technika 2 unless stated otherwise)
== Soundtrack Appearances ==
== Soundtrack Appearances ==

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DJMAX Technika 3's Eyecatch for Dream Again.

Song Information

  • Composer: DINY
  • Genre: Ani Pop
  • Visualization: Young-in, ENTIA J
  • Vocals: Creha
  • BPM: 140
  • Length: 1:36

Game Appearances

Soundtrack Appearances


Technika 3 OST Liner Notes
Lyric By DINY

Love you I want you
어제와는 다른 내 모습을

I need you Never stop
너에게 닿기를

기억해 너와의 멜로디
No one can stop you know

지난날 우리의 추억이
나를 꿈꾸게 하는걸

소중한 사랑의 메모리
And I'll love you always
바람을 타고간 내 맘이

Say you Love me Love you
Say you Love me Love you Chu

Song Description


  • Dream Again is the sequel to Cosmic Fantastic Lovesong,and the MX charts of both share much resemblance.
  • The girl's name, written on her name tag, is Ann.


Technika 3 Eyecatches