Eksu Post Utme Past Questions

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Question 39. Which of these animals is not metamerically segmented (A) tapeworm (B) earthworm (C) centipede (D) shark

Question 40. The sterile individuals in the honey bee are known as (A) Drone (B) Queens (C) Workers (D) None of these

Question 41. Which of the following is used university of calabar post utme past questions and answers mainly for balancing in fish? (A) the caudal fin (B) The pectoral fin (C) The anal fin (D) The dorsal fin

Question 42. Octopus is popularly known as ___ fish (A) devil (B) jelly (C) cray (D) shark

Question 43. The sexual reproductive units produced by mature individuals of sexually reproducing species of organism is called (A) sperms (B) ova (C) zygotes (D) gametes.

Question 44. Which of these does not have respiratory and circulatory systems (A) annelids (B) nematodes (C) insects (D) molluscs

Question 45. Speargrass has an underground structure called (A) bulbs (B) corm (C) rhizomes (D) taproots

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