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Frontline eyecatch.jpg
First Appearance DJMAX RESPECT
Composer(s) [email protected]
Arranger(s) [email protected]
Vocal(s) Guriri
Lyrics TMDC (KR)
shimauma (JP)
Visualization MICA Team
Genre N/A
BPM 198
Length 1:35
YouTube-play-button.png Youtube BGA

Frontline is a song by [email protected] and M2U, and sung by Guriri. The song is a theme song for Girls' Frontline mobile game. It appeared on DJMAX RESPECT as part of a collaboration DLC with Girls' Frontline.

Song Description

Song Analysis

Although no genre information provided, it can be safely presumed that Frontline is an Anipop/J-rock-inspired song. The short length of the game version is pretty perfect to fit as an anime opening title. The hard, organic drum performance and dry guitar riff will most likely give off a rock vibe.

M2U once again reunited with vocalist Guriri, where previously they collaborated on another rhythm game Deemo. Further supporting the rock vibe of the song is Guriri's powerful and high-hitting vocals. Lyrics for the song gave off a strong sense of struggle. As such for every theme song for an action anime, Frontline's lyrics intends to give the listener an uplifting mood; encouraging and pushing them to keep on fighting.

Background Animation

MICA Team, the developer of Girls' Frontline, provided some footages from their Operation Singularity event trailer. Ironically, Frontline isn't even the theme song for Singularity, which is actually What am I fighting for?. DumpingLIFE then fills in the animation for the rest of the songs, using character sprites from the mobile game and also adding his own graphics and motions.

This section contains heavy spoiler. You have been warned.

The BGA depicts the events of Operation Singularity; which gave away spoilers for the Girls' Frontline overall plot, especially late-game contents. It spoiled the true origin of Sangvis Ferri, an adversary fought by players who lead their forces of T-Doll androids from the PMC Griffon & Kryuger. The BGA also heavily focused on Team Anti-Rain, a one-off T-Doll squadron from G&K. The team is led by M4A1, a T-Doll capable of highly advanced tactical command yet acts timid and naive. Throughout the BGA we can see M4A1 enduring so many hardships until she is confronted by the true mastermind of Sangvis Ferri: Elisa.

These are the main members of Team Anti-Rain.

  • M4A1, a T-Doll with long, black hair and green streaks. She is a T-Doll capable of independent command and autonomous decision making, but she's shy and timid; often discouraged and has low self-confidence.
  • M16A1, a T-Doll with braided black hair and yellow streaks. She is the big sister of the team and very dependable. She would later sport a white hair after defecting to Sangvis Ferri.
  • M4 SOPMOD II, a T-Doll with medium blonde hair and red streak. An excitable and childish fellow, but spares little effort to hide her excitement in killing enemies and mutilating their body parts.
  • AR-15, a T-Doll with a medium, ponytailed pink hair and purple streak. Despite modeled after a civilian use T-Doll, she is the most serious and devoted team member. She's willing to do whatever it takes to complete a mission, even if she has to blow herself up; which is the case on this event.

Another prominent team, Task Force DEFY, also made an appearance. They are an important element in the Singularity event. These are the members.

  • AK-12, the leader of TF DEFY who always closes her eyes. A rather arrogant person, but backed it up with her superb abilities in combat.
  • AN-94, a member who devoted her life to protect AK-12 of all costs.
  • M4A1 and AR-15 would later join TF DEFY with their mid-game form upgrade.

Team 404 also made an appearance near the end of the song. For more information on them, please see What am I fighting for?.

Game Appearances

4K 5K 6K 8K
4 8 12 6 10 6 10 6 9 13

Soundtrack Appearances

  • The Art of Girls' Frontline (Korean Version)



Frontline Liner Notes

Original Romanized
뿌연 안개속에서
흐릿하게 보이는
덧 없이 사라져간
헛된 과거의 풍경
내 곁에 남아있는
초라한 감정따윈
저장된 조각일뿐
잔향 속을 걸어

수 없이 다시 넘나 들던
사선속에 이 몸을 던져
마치 사라질 추억마저 없을 것
같은 기분인걸

이제 내 눈앞의 소망은
다시 시작될 싸움 뿐
저 하늘은 철혈의 비가 한 없이 내리고 있어
이 세상 끝에 홀로 서
누구도 돌아볼 수 없는
내 마지막 모습을 이곳에 남길게
저 전선에 나가

ppuyeon angaesog-eseo
heulishage boineun
deos eobs-i salajyeogan
heosdoen gwageoui pung-gyeong
nae gyeot-e nam-aissneun
cholahan gamjeongttawin
jeojangdoen jogag-ilppun
janhyang sog-eul geol-eo

su eobs-i dasi neomna deuldeon
saseonsog-e i mom-eul deonjyeo
machi salajil chueogmajeo eobs-eul geos
gat-eun gibun-ingeol

ije nae nun-ap-ui somang-eun
dasi sijagdoel ssaum ppun
jeo haneul-eun cheolhyeol-ui biga han eobs-i naeligo iss-eo
i sesang kkeut-e hollo seo
nugudo dol-abol su eobsneun
nae majimag moseub-eul igos-e namgilge
jeo jeonseon-e naga


  • The full version of Frontline is included in the Korean version of The Art of Girls' Frontline artbook.
  • What am I fighting for? is the actual theme song for Operation Singularity.
  • An assorted G&K T-Doll characters, which all of them coincidentally are rewards given in Operation Singularity event, are also briefly shown. In order of appearance are Thunder, MP7, HK21, Honey Badger, Ballista, and CZ2000. Thunder is one of main characters from Glory Day collaboration event between Girls' Frontline and DJMAX RESPECT.
  • Core characters from Sangvis Ferri, Elisa and Lycoris made a significant screentime.
  • Almost all Sangvis Ferri ringleaders except Intruder made their appearance. Not in order of appearance are Dreamer, Scarecrow, Executioner, Hunter, Alchemist, Destroyer, Gager, Judge, Architect, Ouroboros, and Agent.
  • G&K CEO Berezovich Kryuger and secretary Helianthus made a brief appearance.