Funky People

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DJMAX Technika 3's Eyecatch for Funky People.

Song Information


  • The last track on Portable 3 OST is an extended club mix of the song, sitting at 6:57 in length.

Game Appearances

(All songs included in Technika are also in Technika 2 unless stated otherwise)

Soundtrack Appearances


Song Description

Portable 3 - ECO brings us a song about a tragic and of forbidden love presented in a humorous way.


  • DJMAX Portable 3's Song Selection previews each song with a short video clip. For Funky People, this preview isn't the actual game BGA.
  • DJMAX Portable 3's BGA loops several scenes. It's speculated that due to the ESRB rating the game was given (E10+), any scenes that implied homosexuality had to be removed (This is also reflected in the Korean version.) which results to the music being off-sync with the BGA.
  • In the BGA, there's a part where it shows a car climbing up a hill. The car's design changes which has a reference to Astro Fight and NB RANGER, two of ECO's previous works.
  • The DJMAX Technika 3 version features the uncut BGA.
  • The DJMAX Technika 3 version also samples a clear synchronized voice, from Desperado ("Desperado-do-do-do-do-oh"), which was originally part of the x.2T cameo songs from DJMAX Portable 3.


Portable 3 PSP Wallpapers

Technika 3 Eyecatch

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