Glitch Play (DJMAX Technika)

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Due to how the game recognise player's touchscreen for different notes, several glitch/bug play have developed and adopted as part of playstyle to individuals. Note that this can be done in both Technika and Technika2.

Normal Note

Note sliding

This bug play is one of the most common use and useful. Instead of hitting every single note in succession, simply slide through them as if you are playing Chain note shown as below, there's no need to lift up your finger at all which simplify some of the charts i.e. Airwave HD, Thor HD, Landscape HD.

Pink Note Glitch Play.gif

The same can be done if you actually slide along the whole timeline with 4 fingers and place them on each lane, like this video


Note: This bug only works if the following note isn't in the same lane as the one before as the game need to recognise that the finger actually lifts off the screen, workaround will be sliding up and down between lanes shown as below

Pink-Note-Glitch-Play2.gif Pink-Note-Glitch-Play3.gif

X-Y Bug Play

Technikally, the game doesn't have a real touchscreen but instead it have "lasers" just on top of the screen. It responds when the "lasers" have been blocked by your fingers and determine which spot did you press by knowing the X & Y axis where the "lasers" have been blocked. Using this knowledge, we can perform X-Y bug by pressing 2 different locations to "hit" a single note shown as below. This isn't commonly use and this doesn't actually make things easier but mainly for show.


Hold Note

X-Y Bug Play

Same as above explaination, using X-Y bug we can play Hold Note without touching the actual note and you can slide along the line with 1 of your finger, again this bug is mainly for show.

Blue-Note-Glitch-Play.gif Blue-Note-Glitch-Play2.gif

Drag Note

Press the whole thing!

So you think you can only follow the timeline when playing Drag Note? Just press the whole thing and it will still register, as long each finger does not leave too big gap to recognise a miss.


X-Y Bug Play

Same explaination as previous X-Y bug play, see above.


Chain Note


Technika have a weird way of recognising Chain Note. Firstly, it ignores X-axis so you can literally press anywhere on the screen as long it's on the same lane (shown as Chain Note Hit Zone in the animation). Secondly, pressing the same respective lane ignoring if the note is on the top or bottom frame works (That's why there's 2 zones instead of just 1 zone in the correct frame).


Ignore the X-axis!

Using the first concept, you can slide the notes without following the timeline, useful sometimes if you have no time to reach the note in time or simply for show.

And of course, you can hit the notes as if you are playing pink notes as the game can't recognise "sliding" motion actually.

Chain-Glitch-Play.gif Chain-Glitch-Play3.gif

Top frame.. bottom frame.. Who cares!

Using the second concept, you can slide the notes on the other frame, rarely useful and mostly for show.

Also same as above, you can hit them as well.

Chain-Glitch-Play2.gif Chain-Glitch-Play4.gif

Repeat Note

Repeat Note = Hold Note!

The concept is simple, imagine the first Repeat Note is a Hold note and hold it down all the way till the Repeat Note finish. While holding the first note, press anywhere on the screen to register a hit on the following Repeat Notes (shown on the left animation).

This saves the confusion most people have to coordinate between pressing Repeat Note and other mix of notes along the way.


If there's a Normal Note the same timeline as the Repeat Note, simply hit the Normal Note as normal will register the Repeat Note as well.