Glory Day (Girls' Frontline event)

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Girls' Frontline login screen during Glory Day event.

Glory Day is the name of collaboration event between Girls' Frontline mobile game and DJMAX RESPECT. The event starts on April 26, 2018, and ended on May 17, 2018. Glory Day was available for Chinese and South Korean server of Girls' Frontline, with Japanese and English server expected to receive the event at a later date.

As the name implies, Glory Day is adapted from DJMAX RESPECT's theme song, glory day by BEXTER and Mycin.T. The event includes an array of homages to previous DJMAX series and songs, as well as featuring fan favorite characters.



Girls Frontline is a mobile strategy game. Players assume the role of a commander of private military company Griffon & Kryuger, with hundreds of android soldier called T-Doll at their disposal. Players must assemble their T-Dolls into a five-man echelon, then deploys them to combat. The objective of every battle is to eliminate all enemies or capture their Command Post, while at the same time protecting their own Command Post from being captured.

Players can strengthen their T-Dolls by increasing their level through combat and training. Raising a T-Doll level doesn't mean their stats will increase; players have to do it manually by feeding them dupe T-Dolls and enhancement capsules. Each T-Doll have their own special skills, which can be improved by giving them training data. Their base stats can also improved by equipping them with gadgets such as armor piercing ammo, exoskeleton, optical sights, and many others.

Each T-Doll has their own classifications based from their weapon type, ranging from handguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, and machine guns. Each T-Doll can also give buffs to a certain type of T-Doll, but the buffs will only activate if they are arranged in a formation that allows it.

Event Mechanics

The Glory Day event consists of two main chapters, with each of them contain three stages to complete. The other two chapters doesn't have much difference than the previous ones, except the higher difficulty level. Players will obtain 10 Crowns of Respect by completing each stages of Chapter 1 and 2. The Crowns of Respect can be exchanged with various rewards. Players can only farm 10 crowns from each stage every day, and players will have to wait for the next day to farm it again.

DJMAX Minigame

From Stage E1-2 onwards, a hidden boss will appear on the map. It is advised to not attack Fail without having Clear on player's echelon, otherwise Fail's force shield won't deactivate and she will be invulnerable to any attack. If you already have Clear, engaging Fail will become easier. To obtain Clear, you have to complete the final stage of the event, E2-3.

If Fail is defeated, a computer-controlled echelon will move and trigger a hidden minigame. The minigame is a rhythm game based on DJMAX Portable games. The buttons below where it used to activate the T-Dolls skills will be replaced by Up, Left, Triangle, and Circle buttons similar to a Playstation controller. Use these buttons to hit notes accordingly. A line will appear above the skill buttons, where you must hit the note when it lands on the line. Players can track their total combo with the counter that sits on the middle of the screen.

According to the stage, each T-Dolls will have around 500-1000 HP. If player missed a note or hit the wrong button, their HP will decrease by 5 points. Clear rating will be calculated based on the remaining HP, and if everyone's HP reduced to zero, the game will end in a loss.

It is advised to turn in-game music on and auto-skill feature turned off while playing the minigame. Auto-skill prevents players from hitting their notes properly.


By completing the event stages, players can obtain the following rewards.

Stage Clear Reward Loot From Enemy
E1-1 Enhancement Capsule (30) T-Doll: EVO 3
E1-2 Battery (300) T-Doll: KLIN
E1-3 Battle Fairy: Sehra & Nina T-Doll: PP-19
E2-1 Exclusive Equipment: Glory Light (Clear only) T-Doll: Thunder
E2-2 Calibration Ticket (200) T-Doll: Five-seveN
E2-3 T-Doll: Clear T-Doll: DSR-50

By collecting Crowns of Respect, players can exchange them for the following rewards.

Crowns Reward Stock
2 Combat Report Disk 50
20 Player Avatar: White Doll (Thunder) 1
20 Player Avatar: Cat Warrior (TMP) 1
20 Player Avatar: Windtalker (K2) 1
20 Player Avatar: Black Rider (AEK-999) 1
20 Player Avatar: Fallen Angel (M950A) 1
20 Player Avatar: Clear 1
20 Player Avatar: Fail 1
20 Player Avatar: Queen of Pocket City (Clear/Fail) 1
40 Home Screen Background: Pocket City Adventures 1
80 Battle Fairy: Preiya & Camilla 3
80 Strategy Fairy: Suee 3
80 Furniture: Crystal Ball in the Dreams 1
80 Furniture: Old Fashion Rhyme Game Street Arcade 1
120 T-Doll: Fail 1
120 Exclusive Equipment: Black Cat (Fail only) 1
120 Kalina Outfit: Black Cat 1



Glory Day event features Girls' Frontline characters K2, M950A, AEK-999, TMP, and Thunder; members of Team ATK, on their quest to protect the virtual Pocket City against Rogue Programs trying to steal the memories of the residents.

The DJMAX side features RESPECT mascots Clear and Fail; as well as other characters like Suee, Sehra and Nina, Preiya and Camilla, and many others included.


Note: This plot summary is based on translations based from Chinese version. Inaccuracy might occur.

Chapter 1: Avec Nous

Stage E1-1: Stalker

The scenery of Pocket City.

A small G&K squadron consisting of team captain K2, vice-captain M950A, members AEK-999, TMP, and Thunder is tasked to protect a city ruins far from the frontline. As nothing happened for the past few days and fearing the team will die from boredom, 950 acts as the duty officer to keep everyone in a high spirit. She keeps chasing off AEK who always slacks off to play at the net cafe set up by TMP to access the squadron's local server. AEK denied 950 accusations for being a slacker; in defense, AEK claims that she's studying human culture through their old archives.

An alarm rings out, notifying a breach by Sangvis Ferri logistic convoy. The team decided to raid the convoy, and they did that with ease. Getting bored from fighting a weak opponent, AEK returned to the city ruins. 950, now dragging Thunder along, chased AEK in hopes of catching her redhanded. When they found AEK in the net cafe, they noticed that AEK sat on Atlas space chair and broadcasting her Digi-mind through the network. 950 and Thunder decided to follow suit, and they arrived in Pocket City, a city inside the computer network, populated by Fairies.

Astonished, 950 and Thunder decided to return and report their discovery to K2. When they tried to return, Thunder noticed they cannot log out from the network. The two then decided to stay and find a way to log out properly.

Stage E1-2: Heart Beat

950 and Thunder explores the city, which is pretty lively but something odd is happening around there. They asked a Fairy with bunny ears about their friend AEK, but the Fairy can't seem to remember anything. Even she only knew about the city name after another resident told her about it.

Suddenly, the other Fairies run around in chaos. To their amazement, 950 and Thunder find Sangvis Ferri troops in the city. They decided to help the Fairies, but as they ready to fight K2 suddenly messaged them. Promising to explain the situation later, K2 using her Command Protocol summoned NPC squadrons to fend off enemy forces. Meanwhile, 950 and Thunder evacuated the Fairies to a local bar.

Stage E1-3: Waiting for you

Thunder and M950A listening to Only for you.

As the situation calmed down, 950 and Thunder are briefed by the bunny-ears Fairy. The Fairy is amazed and thought they are part of Team ATK who always repel Sangvis Ferri raiders who wanted to steal the memories of all Fairies in the city. The bunny-ear Fairy then invites the two for a celebration party. 950 and Thunder discover that the Fairies rejuvenates themselves with the power of music. They are then handed two headphones for listening to a music. They sensed something from the song that makes them want to stay in this world. 950 quickly concluded that AEK also wanted to stay forever in this world as well.

950 and Thunder then noticed TMP after a Fairy called her out as one member of Team ATK. As they surround the frightened TMP, K2 arrived and explained the situation as promised. Pocket City is actually a video game save file found inside a portable game device, which was accidentally integrated into the squadron's network while TMP sets up the net cafe. As the Sangvis Ferri units are generated from the squadron network data, it is their responsibility to protect Pocket city as they are the ones who brought them in the first place.

K2, AEK, and TMP have secretly gone to Pocket City without 950 and Thunder's knowledge. For their heroic act, the Fairies dubbed the three heroes as Team ATK, derived from their initials. Each of them has their own nicknames: Black Rider for AEK, Cat Warrior for TMP, and Windtalker for K2.

Chapter 2: Dream On You

Stage E2-1: Sunset Rider

Girls' Frontline version of Game Graveyard.

After digging out information from the Fairies, they found out that AEK is presumably searching for Game Graveyard, a mythical place that even the Fairies didn't know about it or where it is located. The team is then confronted by a twin Fairy who promised to lead them to the Game Graveyard. After several debates about AEK and the nature of Pocket City, they finally reached the Game Graveyard. The team felt uneasy with the grotesque surroundings. The twin Fairy finally spoke up, talking about how Fairies who lost their memories will eventually turn into Rogue Programs. The Fairies were actually leading the team to a trap; where Rogue Programs rise from the ground and starts attacking everyone.

As the battle comes to an end, AEK suddenly appeared and stopped 950 from attacking the last two Rogue Programs. She gave them a pair of earphones which plays a song. It reminded the Rogue Programs of their past, and soon they returned to their Fairy forms, Sehra and Nina. AEK explains that the two Fairies are her friends kidnapped by Sangvis Ferri, and she returned to Pocket City to save them. AEK also debunks 950 theory of her wanted to leave the real world behind.

Just when the situation started to calm down, another threat appears. From the tombstone, Fail appears and claims herself as the ruler of Pocket City. She revealed that Pocket City hasn't changed for 50 years since the end of World War III in the real world (background events of Girls' Frontline). Pocket City is abandoned by humans as there are no new songs and contents added to the game. Seeing that, Fail is determined to steal the memories of every Fairies away for the sake of them. In Fail's concept, everyone will be happy if they forget the feeling from being abandoned. Fail is also the one responsible for locking Team ATK inside and summoning Sangvis Ferri, as she is also able to siphon T-Dolls' memories and manipulates the data inside squadron's network.

Stage E2-2: Fate

The interior of Game Graveyard. Notice BEXTER's and ND Lee's name engravings on the tombstones.

Fail attacks Team ATK with her music, which separates them into different mind dimensions. She intended to attack each one of them individually and psychologically to siphon their memories. AEK, TMP, and K2 are sent into different parts of a maze, while 950 and Thunder are sent further into a dream world consisting only themselves.

In the maze, AEK is found right away by Fail, and she's ready to fight desperately. Fortunately, K2 and TMP found their way to AEK and they fight together. Despite that, AEK then asks Sehra and Nina to lead K2 and TMP away and out of the maze since they remembered the way out. Meanwhile, 950 and Thunder are reliving their days back in the city ruins. They started their dream back from their dorm, interacting with each other. As her Digi-mind is forced open by Fail, Thunder can only answer truthfully to 950's inquiries. AEK tried communicating with Thunder, asking her to close her Digi-mind. When Thunder asks 950 if she can hear AEK's voice, 950 says that she didn't hear anything. Thunder then deduced that the 950 that appeared before her is a doppelganger created by Fail.

Ignoring AEK's wish, K2 and TMP decided to return and bust her out of her nightmare. Cornered, Fail retreats and promised to return with her next grand plan at the Black Square. AEK is then scolded by TMP and K2 but defended herself by saying she did that to save them. Sehra and Nina then apologized that they cannot help 950 and Thunder since they have fallen too deep to be found. The rest of Team ATK then discuss their next plan.

950 and Thunder are then forced to relive the Sangvis Ferri attack back in the city ruins. The attack came earlier, and enemy forces are stronger than the last time. As the operation goes underway, Thunder confronted 950, claiming her as a fake. Despite the fact, 950 still asked Thunder to leave the real world and complete the dream. When the operation is over, 950 asks Thunder the reason for her rejection, claiming that this world is better where Thunder didn't have to suffer like in the real world. Thunder decided to leave this dream world so that she can grow stronger by facing the hardships ahead.

The dream world is falling apart. The real 950 appeared, claiming that Thunder passed the test. Even so, she pushed Thunder down to the white abyss. It is revealed that 950 decided to stay, and her ace student attitude is not her real self. Noticing that 950's Digi-mind is forcibly opened by Fail, Thunder begs 950 to close it. But her effort is futile as 950 accepts her fate and real self. Thunder kept on wailing, hoping her plea reached 950. But as she returned back to the Game Graveyard and begged hard, Thunder's feelings didn't reach 950.

Stage E2-3: End of the Moonlight

The remaining members of Team ATK moved forward with their plan. K2 headed straight to Black Square where Fail will conduct her concert. TMP gather the needed material essential for their plan to succeed. Meanwhile, with the help of Fairies who reconstruct her bike, AEK sets off to find 950 and Thunder. As AEK wander aimlessly, she noticed a gunfire. It was actually Thunder who fired her gun to convey her overwhelming frustration from being left by 950. AEK hurriedly traced her way to the source.

Meanwhile in the Black Square, Fail addresses her Rogue Program army and preparing to execute the bunny-ears Fairy she captured earlier by draining her remaining memories. K2 arrived on time to prevent the execution, and in retaliation Fail deployed her Sangvis Ferri troops. K2 managed to break the ranks by deploying her NPC squadrons, but Fail seems untouchable as she recovers herself by consuming the Rogue Programs. Fail then reveals her trump card: 950 brainwashed with new memories. She turns 950 into Fallen Angel, who delivers a powerful music performance that empowers Fail and the Rogue Programs. When Fail begins her duet with Fallen Angel, a different song plays instead. K2 used the confusion to her advantage, allowing the bunny-ears Fairy to change the song. As Sehra and Nina performed the song, the bunny-ears Fairy has her memories brought back along with her name, Suee. As the situation getting out of hand, the Fairies tried to pull Fallen Angel to their side, but Fail fights back. Suee rammed Fail so that Fallen Angel finally falls off the stage, but it makes her vulnerable to Fail's advances. She sucked Suee's memories dry and then disappears. 950, the Fallen Angel, didn't even remember her friends and she insists to get back to the stage.

At the Game Graveyard, Thunder is trying to fathom the reason why 950 helped her escape the nightmare, despite 950 herself engulfed in darkness. Two Fairies, Preiya and Camilia, approached Thunder and helped her notice 950's performance from afar. Though Thunder doesn't want to be bothered by shooting her gun once more, AEK finally arrived. After encouraging Thunder to accept 950 for whatever she is, AEK takes her to the Black Square so Thunder can save 950.

The battle continues at the Black Square, as the Fairies smuggle 950 out of harm's way and K2 fighting a war of attrition against Fail. No matter what tactics employed by K2, Fail always managed to recover by consuming Rogue Programs. The battle rages on until nothing's left anymore. Fail has run out of things to siphon, while K2 is also at her limit for exerting her Command Protocol for so long. Fail noticed 950, the Fallen Angel, has returned. She asked her to sing the song, but 950 instead sings the song she listened back then at the bar. As K2's forces rejuvenated and Fail confused, Thunder appeared and told Fail that 950 sang the song she chose herself. Back when Fail was fighting, AEK and Thunder rendezvoused with 950. Thunder then takes the memory-devoid 950 for a trip; exploring the city through Miles metro line, walked along the boulevard, and then they returned to the bar and listened to their song. Thunder decided to create a new memory with 905, which have worked brilliantly considering how short the time she had.

Clear, now part of Team ATK, performs a song together.

With no more strength to fight, Fail can only watch as TMP arrived and gave her a gaming device. With it, Fail made contact with G&K Commander (the player), who revealed that the people from the outside world still remembers Pocket City. Somewhere around the world, people still sing the songs from Pocket City. As her hatred cast aside and her memories brought back, Fail transformed into her true form, Clear. Clear agreed to see the outside world, so she had the T-doll manufacturer IOP to rewrite her electronic data as a Digi-mind to be put inside a physical body. Thus, Clear joined the ranks of G&K T-dolls.

One month since they left Pocket City, K2 delivers her post-mission report to the leader of Five-seveN from FN Squadron. K2 asked whether Five-seveN watched Team ATK's brand new show on GKTV, in which Five-seveN stated that she never missed a show. Team ATK has since become a band in their spare time and broadcasted their performances from the city ruins they stationed. With K2 managing the band members 950 (vocal), Clear (guitar), Thunder (drums), AEK (bass), and TMP (keyboard), their daily life behind the frontline will never be as boring as it used to.

Leaving Pocket City

In the post-mission report, K2 promised Five-seveN to recount their tale of escaping Pocket City at a later time. This part is related to the DJMAX minigame.

Even though Team ATK managed to restore Clear's memories, they still cannot log out from the network. Clear decided to take them around the town, and to their surprise, they found NPC version of themselves and even Fail. Turns out that when Team ATK came into Pocket City for the last time, fragments of their Digi-mind was scrapped by Fail and manifested as an NPC. This is the actual reason why Team ATK cannot log out because of the missing fragments preventing them to be authenticated. To assimilate the fragments back, they have to challenge the NPCs with songs.


These are the songs featured as the event's soundtrack for battle stages, cutscenes, and minigames.

Used as Battle Stage BGM

Used as Cutscene BGM

Used for DJMAX Minigame