Good Bye

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DJMAX Portable 2's Eyecatch for Good Bye.

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Lyrics by LEAH
I get the feeling that the ceiling falling
The walls are closing in on me
I'm sick of living in your shadows, you know
I've had enough of going nowhere

And so you see, I'm leaving
You're not going to come with me
I'll leave the key, I'm going forever

I say "Good-bye", this is my life
You're not a friend, so stop pretending
Don't even try
I say "Good-bye", tired of the lie(Yeah!)

I say "Good-bye", this is my life
The time is gone, I'm moving on
It's your turn to cry
I say "Good-bye", gone in the night(Yeah) Good-bye!

Song Description

Portable 2: It is an 80's style pop music which Ruby Tuesday wants to revive 80's culture. And the music video is like his concert.