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Horan from Clazziquai Project.

Choi Soojin (최수진), better known by her stage name Horan (호란), is a South Korean singer and actress. She is the female singer for Clazziquai Project; brought in to replace Alex Chu's sibling Christina. Compared to Alex, Horan has a husky voice which not often wanders into high-pitched zone. As such, her voice evokes sensual aura, especially when she whispers.

Outside of Clazziquai Project, Horan is also the vocalist of another band called Ibadi. More recently, she also released solo albums and singles.

Just like Alex, Horan also had her share working as an actress. Despite that, her repertoire isn't as prolific as Alex, mostly nailing cameo roles. Her only breakthrough role is in the drama series Call of the Country, where she played a central character and a rival to the main heroine. Horan also sings for various drama series' soundtracks; often paired with Alex in a non Clazziquai-related performances.

As a solo artist, Horan has released the following albums.

  • She's Alright (2015)
  • Wonderland (2016)


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