It's Only Hard the First Time (처음만힘들지)

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DJMAX Technika's Eyecatch for It's Only Hard the First Time.

Song Information


  • Clazziquai Edition's Album Mode contains an Extended Version (3:22) of the song.

Game Appearances


Song Description


  • A "Making of" video for It's Only Hard the First Time's BGA can be seen in Clazziquai Edition's Collection Mode. It uses the long version of the song.
  • This song is only playable on Korean builds of DJMAX Technika, along with Mutu and Motion due to licensing issues. It's still included in the International builds' software, though access to it is not available. However, one instance of It's Only Hard the First Time appearing on non-Korean builds happened on Chinese builds of DJMAX Technika where it was available as a part of an Event Course. This is also the ONLY instance of Korean build-exclusive songs that appeared on other builds.
  • The title of this song is initially known as "Hard to Start". Platinum Crew officially translates the original Korean title into "It's Only Hard the First Time".


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