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JC (real name Choi Ji Ho 최지호) is a South Korean rapper and lyricist. He is the MC/rapper of 3rd Coast.

Just like other members of 3rd Coast, JC is also an integral part of DJMAX history; lending his talent since the early days of the franchise. Other than singing and rapping, JC's voice can be heard as the game's system voice. He announced things such as the game modes, congratulating player for completing a song, or simply "mocks" them when failing (U NEED MORE PRACTICE! NEVER GIVE IT UP! - this quote appears in most DJMAX games except Technika series). His voice can also be heard in S4 League, another Pentavision game.

Together with So Fly and producer Kwon Sung Min, they formed 3rd Coast who begins their career on this game.

JC's rapping puts a heavy emphasis on speed and lyrics. He is able to rap the English lyrics at breakneck speed without sacrificing the clarity for every words pronounced. Best example of this can be heard on OUT LAW - Reborn and JBG


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